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Three 'Pay as you Go' Offer

Terms and Conditions:

Offer is available to Three PAYG customers only, who have topped up £35. A month of free delivery equates to £3 off up to 10 orders across a 30 day period. For £3 off each of your next 10 orders register and enter your unique code at checkout on deliveroo.co.uk or via the Deliveroo app.

The code is valid to 31/12/2019. Minimum spend of £10 per order applies. Specific menu items subject to availability. The unique code is valid for 30 days after date of redemption. Credit of £3 per order will be redeemed against customer's next 10 orders subject to the minimum spend and cannot be redeemed in conjunction with another discount code.

For assistance please contact the Deliveroo Customer Support team at support@deliveroo.co.uk or by telephone on +44 203 322 3444.

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