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  3. September 2018 - PHO Tattoo giveaway

September 2018 - PHO Tattoo giveaway

  1. This giveaway (the "Giveaway") is for 300 chances to win a "Golden Tattoo",  which can be used to claim one free pho meal from any Pho restaurant in the UK.  
  2. The promoters of the Giveaway are Roofoods Ltd, a company registered in the UK with a registered office of The River Building, Level 1 Cannon Bridge House, 1 Cousin Lane, London, United Kingdom, EC4R3TE  ("Deliveroo") and [Pho to confirm company name and details] ("Pho")(together, the "Promoters").
  3. These terms apply to anyone who enters this Giveaway. If any entrant does not agree with them, they should not participate. A hard copy can be printed or a copy requested by post, by sending a stamped self-addressed envelope to Deliveroo.      
  4. This Giveaway is open to all Deliveroo customers in the UK, provided they are within a zone where Pho can be ordered on the Deliveroo platform.  
  5. To enter the Giveaway, the entrant must order Pho from Deliveroo during the hours it is available on the Deliveroo platform between 17 September to 23 September 2018. The winners will receive a Golden Tattoo in their order, which entitles them to one free pho meal.  
  6. To claim one free pho meal using the Golden Tattoo, the winner must apply the tattoo, and present it at any Pho restaurant by no later than 31 October 2018. The winner may also claim their one free pho meal by handing over the unused Golden Tattoo, if they do not wish to apply the Golden Tattoo for any reason.       
  7. The winner should observe all manufacturer instructions. Use of the tattoo is at the winner's own risk and the winner is solely responsible for determining whether they have any pre-existing condition that may impact their ability to use it.        
  8. Deliveroo reserves the right to amend or suspend this Giveaway due to events or circumstances arising beyond its control and, where necessary, to undertake all such action as is reasonable to protect itself against fraudulent or invalid redemptions including, without limitation, to require further verification as to the identity, age, and other relevant details of a customer.  Where reasonably possible, any changes will be notified in advance by posting amended terms on this page and/or via Deliveroo's social pages.
  9. Normal Deliveroo Terms and Conditions of Service will apply to all orders – see https://deliveroo.co.uk/legal for more information.
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