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Vegan and Veggie dishes from YO!

Go veggie with YO!

Whether you've just seen Cowspiracy, or you're a card carrying, committed vegan, it doesn't hurt to go without meat every once in awhile. To give you a helping hand, we got some tips from YO! on their best vegan and veggie takeaway options.

Tofu Katsu Curry (vegan, selected sites only)


If Katsu is the king of curries as far as you're concerned, then this tofu version is top of the veggie charts! Get your teeth into crispy, battered tofu in katsu curry sauce, served on a bed of rice.

Pumpkin Katsu (vegan)


If tofu isn't to your taste, no need to panic – try the Pumpkin Katsu instead! There's no better cure for a cold night than sweet, hearty pumpkin coated in crispy batter.

Yasai Roll (vegetarian)


This one looks just as good as it tastes! Tuck into some tamago, inari, avocado, cucumber and carrot nori roll with teriyaki and mayo.

Cucumber Maki (vegan)


Sometimes the simple things are the best, and that's the case with these cucumber rolls – deliciously light and fresh as a Prince of Bel Air.

Vegetable Tempura (vegan)


This tempting tempura does exactly what it says on the tin. Crunchy crust, filled with fresh, juicy vegetables – what's not to love?

Vegetable Yaki Soba (vegetarian)


The perfect light bite! Fresh, crunchy vegetables drizzled in YO!'s tangy Yaki Soba sauce, you'll get through oodles of this noodle dish.

Yasai Temaki (vegetarian)


Imagine all of the taste of the Yasai roll, with the added crunch of that nori seaweed cone – that's what you get from these tasty temakis. #Handrollgoals

Avocado Maki (vegetarian)


Fresh, ripe avocado, and mayo in a nori roll. Full of essential fats, this is as good for you as it is tasty!

Chocolate Mochi (vegetarian)


And finally, dessert. YO!'s Chocolate Mochi features sweet rice balls filled with indulgent chocolate ganache. There's no healthier way to end with a bang.

To get your hands on these vegan or veggie delights, head over to Deliveroo and find out if YO! is available in your area.

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