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VIP Pizza Brighton

VIP Pizza Brighton

For any real pizza-lover, 'La Vera Pizza Napoletana,' (meaning 'the True Neapolitan Pizza') is a phrase that means something special. Naples is the home of modern pizza – it's where it was perfected, and consequently, it's where the very best pizza is found. True, some say that the pizza reached its height in New York, but we know better, don't we? Located just off the Old Steine, VIP Pizza has brought a little bit of this authentic Neapolitan goodness to sunny old Brighton. Piqued your interest? We should hope so.

Slice of (Neapolitan) Life

Let's take you back to the start. 1845, to be precise. VIP Pizza established their first shop in Naples, and now five generations later, they've brought a slice of their Neapolitan heritage to B-Town. All the ingredients come straight from the farm in Naples where everything began, ensuring that the Neapolitan-style down at VIP Pizza isn't just an imitation – it's the real deal.


At VIP Pizza, the sourdough base is hand-made. After this, the dough (made from olive oil, mountain spring water and Caputo 00 flour) is rested for 24 hours so that it's light and fluffy and airy and fresh. Then it's cooked in a traditional wood burning oven, giving it the crisp crust that's demanded by VIP Pizza's Neapolitan heritage.

Starter for 10

To get you started, VIP Pizza offer a choice of breads. There's bruschetta, pane all'aglio and pane all'aglio e mozzarella, as well as parmigiana, a fried aubergine with parmesan, basil, tomato sauce and mozzarella. Feel like sharing? There's also a selection of fine Italian meats, straight from the farm: Parma ham, speck, bresaola, pancetta and so much more. We're already salivating, and that's only the starter.

Pizza Party

The selection of pizzas on offer is extensive. It's the main event after all, so you'd expect nothing less, or at least, we wouldn't. Cheesy and colourful, these pizzas pack a real punch when it comes to flavour. First off, we have the classics. Napoletana, Margherita, Hawaiian, Pollo and Marinara pizzas are all available, plus a few lesser-known options for the really adventurous diners. The Polpetta (meat balls, tomato meat sauce and mozzarella) is an intensely tasty option, while the VIP, which features porcini wild mushrooms, black truffle cream, sausage and mozzarella is an indulgently decadent affair that's clearly the star turn on VIP Pizza's particularly starry roster.

Salad Days

Keeping an eye on your figure or just feel like something a little lighter? No worries, VIP Pizza has a tasty range of summery Italianate salads, perfect for Brighton's veggie population. The avocado salad, topped off with cherry tomatoes and provola (smoked cheese) is a big favourite, while the goat's cheese salad with sun-blushed tomatoes, olives and walnuts is another fantastic option. There's also a Caprese salad, while anyone who's able to resist the delicious selection of pizzas (not likely!) can enjoy a lasagne, cooked to perfection with Bolognese sauce, besciamella, parmesan and mozzarella.

All you need is . . . Nutella?

Nutella Pizza. Pizza and Nutella. Nutella and Pizza. Sorry, once more for those in the back. For dessert, VIP Pizza offers pizza topped with Nutella's addictively tasty hazelnut spread. We're not worthy. Truly, we are not worthy. Oh, and there's also Cannolo Siciliano Magnum, a dessert comprised of Sicilian cannoli chock full of ricotta and oozy chocolate. As if we hadn't already been spoiled enough.

If you want to try VIP Pizza's for yourself, head on over to Deliveroo – we'll bring a slice of Naples to your kitchen table.

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