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  2. Introducing dish-by-dish allergen information for your customers
Updating your menus with allergen  information

Introducing dish-by-dish allergen information for your customers

More than ever before, customers want access to information about everything they eat. At Deliveroo, we believe it's important that customers are fully aware of what is in the food they order, particularly when it comes to allergens.

We're introducing a new feature which allows you to publish dish-by-dish allergen information. This will allow us at Deliveroo and you, our restaurant partners, to be more transparent when it comes to food labelling, giving customers more confidence when ordering.

In addition to this, existing allergen warnings will now have more prominence in app and on the website, so customers can contact restaurants directly with any concerns or queries they may have related to ingredients. Protecting you further.

The new menu system will be available through your new online account, used to manage your delivery business. We will begin rolling out the menu feature in the UK at the beginning of 2019.

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