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Tortilla is whipping up a frenzy on the UK food scene, and has even been voted Zagat's best Mexican restaurant in London. They proudly serve up a whole host of jam-packed burritos and crispy flavour-filled tacos, along with authentic Mexican sides and refreshing drinks.

We take a look at what exactly makes them so special.

Bursting burritos and tantalising tacos

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They aim to bring the vibrancy of Mexican cuisine to the heart of London – they're all about authentic flavours, bold colours and even better tastes. And this last bit is where the excitement really starts.

You'll find marinated medium-rare steak, smoky chargrilled chicken, aromatic beef and tender braised pork as the core building blocks of your burrito-filled dreams. There's also a vegetarian option of tender yet firm sautéed peppers and onions so the whole gang can get in on the fun.

Add some more bricks to your tortilla structure, with tender, slow-cooked pinto or black beans or smooth Monterey jack cheese. Choose from hot and spicy salsa roja, middle-of-the road salsa verde or fresh and zesty pico de gallo, then finish up with some salad and a scoop of sour cream.

These burritos are big, bold and beautiful, and bring a slice of authentic Mexican awesomeness to our capital.

Bringing the best burritos from San Fran to London

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Hailing from San Francisco – the 'self-proclaimed burrito capital of the world' – Brandon and Jen were disappointed with London's burrito experiences. So, in 2007, they decided to do something about it, and Tortilla was born.

Now with 10 years of experience under their belts – and numerous restaurants across the UK – the company have gone from strength to strength. They've got 20 restaurants across London, 15 across the rest of the UK, and even a branch in Dubai.

Fresh and super healthy

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Alongside going all-out with the tacos and burritos, Tortilla also cares about healthy eating. Their naked burrito bowls are an innocent, guilt-free choices. Grab a bowl and pack it with your choice of rice, beans or peppers and onion. Choose one of their succulent meats, and top with tangy salsa, creamy cheese or sour cream. Enjoy all the delights of burritos without the corn tortilla jacket. All of the pleasure and none of the carbs.

Best of all though is their guacamole, handmade in-house all through the day. A good Mexican dish isn't a great Mexican dish without guacamole. Tortilla's own handmade mix is so good that you'd be tempted to dip into it straight from their mixing bowls.

Get the taste of Mexico the Californian way with Tortilla delivered to your door with Deliveroo.

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