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Top Ten Restaurants on Deliveroo in Bordeaux

Top ten Bordeaux restaurants on Deliveroo

If a perfectly cooked ribeye steak with a glass of full-bodied red wine is your idea of heaven, then Bordeaux is the perfect city for you. But Bordeaux has also opened its culinary doors to global influences, like bibimbap, a New York-worthy burger, and some very special pizza. From bistro cuisine with a twist, to specialties from around the world, this is the Deliveroo guide to Bordeaux from our very own food scene insiders at Deliveroo France.

If you'd prefer to brush up on your French, the original version of this blog can be found here.

Edmond Pure Burger

At Edmond, the aesthetic is pared back – it's all about what goes on the plate. Which is why it's one of the best burgers in town – tender, juicy and you get a generous portion. Made with quality ingredients – like the cheese from Jean d'Alos, the top fromagerie in town – you can't go wrong here.


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Do you like your burger gourmet? Then Kokomo, and its trendy Californian menu, is a must. Our favourite is the avocado burger with cheese and bacon fries – a house specialty. For dessert, try the pancakes if you have room, or the muesli bowl if you went big on the fries!

La Bocca

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La Bocca has only one ambition: to let Italian gastronomy shine. Only the best ingredients – mozzarella, bresaola, pasta – are chosen for the dishes to bring all the flavours of Italy to your table. A shout out has to go to the daily specials, like ravioli, lasagne and risotto, which change according to what the chef has been inspired by that day.

Glouton Le Bistrot

Glouton forges a path between modern and traditional French cuisine, and the menu is a greatest hits of classic recipes. The exquisitely prepared beef tartare is not to be missed, and the l'île flottante is just like your (imaginary) French grandmother makes it.


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Korean cuisine is hugely popular, down to its contrasting textures and the vibrant pop of colour on every plate. In Bordeaux, it's to be found at Bibibap, a temple dedicated to the aromatic, spicy cuisine of Korea. In addition to the unmissable bibimbap and kimchi, make sure to try the delicious small plates like the Tteok bokkeum, a sweet potato and rice cake, or Ojingeo moochim, a squid salad.

Café Kokomo

Café Kokomo may be the little brother to Kokomo, but it packs no less of a punch. Continuing the California theme, Kokomo adds some hispanic flair, with burritos and huevos rancheros alongside the classic hipster staple, avocado on toast. The Californian brunch combines breakfast with a zesty California rice bowl and freshly squeezed juice for a refreshing start to your day.


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Michel's is a neighborhood bistro, focused on the ingredients of the terroir in the Girondin region, known for its beloved entrecôte, as well as duck breast, andouillette and foie gras. Pair these great dishes with a good bottle of organic wine and you've got perfect French cuisine right there.


Goodbye pho, hello Phood. A must for lovers of the classic Vietnamese rice noodle soup, it's elevated to an art form with subtle flavors and fresh herbs. If you're after a quick but satisfying lunch, try the midh banh sandwich with glazed pork or vegetables.

Osteria Pizzeria da Bartolo

As every pizza aficionado knows, Naples pizza is the best pizza. At Osteria Pizzeria, the Neapolitan tradition is honored by staying true to quality ingredients. Go for the Margherita pizza, a masterpiece of simplicity that needs nothing more than tomato, mozzarella and basil to hit all the right notes.

La Tupina

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We're letting you into a local secret by telling you about La Tupina. Its name is synonymous with excellence in Bordeaux, and the restaurant itself even has a special door for the regulars. Luckily Deliveroo can bring it straight to you, which is especially fortunate, since La Tupina is one of the few restaurants to cook lamprey, a Bordeaux delicacy.

La Cagette

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A carefully sourced and lovingly prepared menu, based around what's freshest and in season in the market that day, is the trademark of La Cagette. Simplicity, authenticity and flavour fill the plates, with creative salads, as well as surf, turf and desserts that you need to try.

To discover all the great places Bordeaux has to offer, order now on Deliveroo.

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