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Top 10 pan-Asian restaurants in the Midlands

Top 10 pan-Asian restaurants in the Midlands

Whether it's the sweet and sour flavours of Chinese cooking that you love most, or the complex spices of Thai curry, the Midlands are home to a wide variety of Pan-Asian delicacies. If you're thinking of ordering a takeaway for dinner tonight, here are our top picks from your local area…

1. Super Combo Noodles, Oren Pho Bar Grill

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Serving up classic Vietnamese dishes, you can count on Oren's for authenticity as well as awesome food. Our favourite dish is their Super Combo Noodles – with pork, chicken beef, nem nuong, crispy spring rolls, a runny fried egg and salad to finish. This is the ultimate takeaway feast.

Where: Oren Pho Bar Grill, Northampton

2. Sweet and Sour Chicken Balls, New Regent

A go-to, comfort food takeaway option, the Sweet and Sour Chicken Balls at New Regent injects a new lease on life into this classic. Battered, tender and served up with a tangy sauce, this one is a real treat.

Where: New Regent, Rugby

3. Geng Kiew Wan, Sabai Sabai

At the Sabai Sabai in Birmingham, it's a different dish that we feel deserves a mention. If you're a curry lover, the Thai Green Chicken Curry here is far from a safe option – aromatic, fragrant and full of flavour, their unique blend of bamboo shoots, aubergine and sweet basil sets this dish apart.

Where: Sabai Sabai, Birmingham

4. Chicken Pad Thai, Sabai Sabai

If you prefer the smoky flavours and crispy texture of a stir-fry, you'll adore the Chicken Pad Thai served up by Sabai Sabai in Stratford. It's become one of their most sought-after dishes in the area, and it isn't hard to see why. With fried noodles, egg, roasted peanuts and dried chilli for a kick, what's not to love?

Where: Sabai Sabai, Stratford upon Avon

5. Slow Cooked Beef Massaman Curry, Mai Thai

Moving over to the spices of Thailand, with flavours ranging from subtle to loud, Mai Thai can cater to all taste buds if you're having the family around for dinner. We recommend their tender slow-cooked beef in a massaman curry sauce. This creamy coconut dish is perfect for one as well as a sharer, and has become a local favourite.

Where: Mai Thai, Peterborough

6. Duck Delight, Myyoshi Noodle House

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Duck is a popular ingredient used in Chinese cooking, but the sweet, succulent meat in the Duck Delight dish at Myyoshi is far from ordinary. Shredded duck, thick udon noodles and fresh vegetables including pak choi and bean sprouts are finished off with coriander and a helping of homemade plum sauce.

Where: Myyoshi Noodle House, Balti Triangle Birmingham

7. Chicken Thai Green Curry, Siam Smile

The only problem with trying the Thai green curry at Siam Smile is that you won't be able to stop yourself going back for more. We recommend ordering this with tender chicken strips, which gives it a sweeter flavour, as well as a side of vegetable curry puffs to soak up the rest of the velvety sauce.

Where: Siam Smile, Worcester

8. BBQ Set Platters, Pan Asia BBQ

BBQ is the ultimate sharing and socialising food, and at Pan Asian BBQ, they fuse this cooking method with herbs and spices from the Far East to create their set platters. Freshly prepared each day, a variety of pan-Asian dipping sauces and perfectly cooked vegetables will be delivered to your door with your choice of meat.

Where: Pan Asia BBQ, Nottingham

9. Massaman Gai, Thai Dusit

Serving up the finest quality cuisine from Thailand, Thai Dusit is the perfect place to order from if you're feeling indecisive. Their huge menu range should tantalise your taste buds into choosing a dish, but our tip would be to go for the Massaman Gai curry –  a special blend of herbs and spices seasons this mild peanut curry, finished with chicken and potatoes.

Where: Thai Dusit, Derby

10. Sweet & Sour Chicken Cantonese Style, Singapore Restaurant

Tender chicken deep fried to crispy perfection and served in a gooey sweet and sour sauce with plenty of soft pineapple and carrot to accompany your egg-fried rice. This classic dish served up by the Singapore Restaurant in Worcester is the perfect Chinese dish for any takeaway traditionalists out there.

Where: Singapore Restaurant, Worcester

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