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When John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich, decided to put some salt beef between two slices of bread for the first time, he had no idea that he'd just made a meal that would change the world. Now, centuries later, if you wanted to show him how far his invention has come, you'd bring him to straight to Street Kitchen – either at their truck in Broadgate Circle or their restaurant in London Fields.

Michelin Star cooking, street food style

Serving up salads, sandwiches and pastries, Street Kitchen was set up by two top London chefs, Jun Tanaka and Mark Jankel. They had a dream: to sell Michelin star-level food at truck-appropriate prices. As far as we're concerned, that idea puts them up there with the Wright Brothers and Edison/Tesla, but how do you go about doing that?


Well, if you're Jun and Mark, you pack your bags and embark on a tour of suppliers all over the UK, so you can be absolutely sure that your menu packs maximum sizzle. In what sounds like one of the most amazing road trips of all time, the two intrepid chefs tasted the best of British cheeses, meat and vegetables – all so that you could take the same culinary tour by standing still on your own two feet.

Any Given Sunday-era Al Pacino would be proud to see that cold sandwiches are served by the inch. Fillings range from roast beef and caramelized onions to spiced aubergine, pickled red cabbage and free range egg.


If you like it hot, then the hot sandwiches hit all of the classic notes: salt beef with pickled cucumber and red cabbage, roast pork with Chinese leaves and their famous hot smoked salmon on toasted brioche are the highlights, but there's plenty more to savour. A note on that, super salmon, though: each fillet is lightly smoked with whiskey barrel chips for around 4 minutes, before going on the griddle for a nice crispy finish. Then it's lovingly placed on a bed of crushed potatoes and drizzled in homemade watercress and dill dressing. It's sensational.

Thinking about a healthy New Year's resolution? Finally, Street Kitchen are offering salads you can make friends with! Every single one has a depth of flavour that is a testament to the hard work the chefs put in on that road trip. Try the spiced aubergine with shaved fennel, baby gem, hummus, pickled carrot, mint, coriander and spiced yoghurt dressing, and then go about your day full of the pride that only a healthy lunch can bring.

Nothing is an afterthought here, and everything is dressed to the nines. The sweet red onion and paprika mayo is a real highlight, as is the watercress and sesame soy. Every sauce is freshly made on site every day, and you can really taste the love and attention that has gone into each one.


Fancy a culinary tour of Britain's best, freshest food? You don't need to take time off work – you can do it all by standing next to a food truck in Broadgate.

Fancy trying Street Kitchen's insanely good sandwiches and salads for yourself? Pick your closest site - either Street Kitchen Broadgate Circle or Street Kitchen London Fields. Plus, get delicious lunches over on Deliveroo now.

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