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Rossopomodoro was born in Naples, grew up in Italy, and finally spread its wings so now you can find its perfect pizzas in countries across the world. And no one outside of Naples delivers a slice of wood-fired pizza with quite so much amore. Authenticity pumps through the veins of this restaurant, from exclusively sourced Italian ingredients to chefs raised in Neapolitan pizzaioli families – so you know this is the real deal.  

Naples on a plate

By sourcing Italian ingredients straight from Naples, Rossopomodoro bring a uniquely Neapolitan culinary style to the UK high street. This is a refined pizzeria, where quality trumps quantity. And the antipasti menu sets your pulse racing long before you've even glanced at the main event.

You'll recognise all the classics. There's crispy fried calamari accompanied by seaweed, brightened up with a fresh squeeze of lemon. And there's bruschetta – to share if you're feeling generous – including one loaded with tomato and topped with basil, Parma ham and creamy mozzarella. Of course, being Rossopomodo this isn't just any mozzarella – this is Campagna mozzarella, flown in specially. The small, authentic details of each dish makes each one feel special.

Pizza precision

Rossopomodoro's strategy of only employing Italian pizzeria chefs was the brainchild of managing director Handley Amos: 'I've tried making our pizza myself. It might look easy but it's not. It's second nature to these guys. Most of them are Neapolitan and were pretty much raised in pizza kitchens'.

With this in mind, you're right to expect a knockout taste of Naples – and Rossopomodoro never disappoint. Founded by three ex-professional Italian rugby players, these guys know a thing or two about making an impact.

Their pizzas are accredited by the Associazione Vera Pizza Napoletana – a rigorous set of standards including everything from a slow-proofed dough to a 485°C wood-fired oven. That's hot. So hot that your pizza will be flipped in and out in roughly 60 seconds. A slightly charred crust and saucy centre makes authentic pizzas a cut above the rest.

Classic dough bases are complemented by whole-wheat and gluten-free options. And it's this dough – proved for a lengthy 24 hours – which really sets these pizzas apart from the crowd. Toppings range from classics like the Margherita, Napoletana and Marinara to more adventurous combinations like the Fru Fru Dop – smoked mozzarella, Neapolitan salame, ricotta and Italian sausage.  

Rosso for your order

Sometimes you get the feeling that pasta and salad options are listed on the menu just to make up the numbers – but not at Rossopomodoro. In line with their Italianate sourced ethos, the ingredients of each dish are handpicked by Campania-based producers. They're all about 'no intermediaries between the producer, breeder or grower and us' – and that fresh food comes straight to you.

The black olives in the linguine come from Gaeta, 80km from Naples. The cherry tomatoes in your gnocchi are grown in Corbara, in south-west Italy. Every dish, from antipasti through pizza to pasta, is dripping in Italian authenticity and flavour.

Post-pizza, enjoy a crisp Birra Moretti and flip through the desert menu – homemade panna cotta with buffalo ricotta or homemade coffee tiramisù? The latter is a dainty twist on an Italian classic, topped with mascarpone and Nutella.

If you've not experienced Rossopomodoro yet, it's time to discover the authentic slice of Little Italy that's sitting right on your doorstep.

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