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Rosa’s Thai Cafe

Rosa’s Thai Café

Creating the perfect combination isn't always easy. Yet that's exactly what you'll get at Rosa's Thai Café, where authentic Thai cuisine is served with contemporary London flair, bringing the East to the East End. This South-East Asian cuisine, served amid London's hustle and hum, provides a feast that caters to all tastes. Expect to find Thai twists on contemporary British dishes.

From Brick Lane to central Chelsea

Set up by a husband and wife British-Thai duo, Rosa's Thai Café began as a Brick Lane street food stall, serving quick delights like pad thai and stir-fried rice. But their offering evolved, and the resulting cuisine became such a hit, the street food stand it has since blossomed into a chain of nine celebrated restaurants, spread across London.

Combinations of authentic Asian skills and locally sourced ingredients creates a contemporary mix of East and West that warms the soul and tantalises the taste buds at the same time, like the roast duck red curry – a delicious twist on the classic English dish.

A taste of the tropics to your door

Rosa's brings the spice and flavour of Thailand to local ingredients. From spicy soups, crispy starters and healthy salads, to stir fry noodles and aromatic curries, Rosa's menu has got all your Asian cravings covered. The Thai Calamari is a classic dish that is a huge hit here too – succulent squid cooked until crisp, expertly spiced with Thai herbs and served with homemade sweet chilli sauce to give it that extra sticky depth.

Rosa's Chicken Green Curry is another of our favourites – starring tender chicken, soft aubergine and delicate bamboo shoots, garnished with sweet London-grown basil. Vegetarians can tuck into a healthy fresh papaya salad with crunchy cashew nuts, long beans and juicy tomatoes. Or go for Rosa's Butternut Red Curry if you want something heartier, where seasonal vegetables reign supreme in a spicy sauce. Wash it down like a pro with a Chang beer – or organic coconut water if electrolytes are your thing.

It's not all about spice

The vibrancy of Rosa's family recipes never fail to delight. Dishes such as lightly battered salmon fillets in traditional red curry delivers a mix of locally sourced fish with a traditional aromatic curry.

And seasonal UK produce is used to make Thai dishes come to life. The fusion food on offer provides an authentic taste of Thailand, but combined with London's modern foodie scene.

Try out some of Rosa's Thai Café's vibrant fusion dishes here on Deliveroo.

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