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Restaurant partnerships - helping you buy better

Restaurant partnerships - helping you buy better

The New Year brings a new point of view and is a great time to refresh your outlook on your business. Reviewing service contracts can help improve margins and therefore profitability.

Here at Deliveroo we wanted to help you make better decisions, and deliver those cost savings.

Deliveroo Restaurant Partnerships is a marketplace of service offerings put in place by us, specifically for you.

As our restaurant partner, we are offering you exclusive access to the unique deals we've brokered across a wide range of sectors.

Here's a taster…

Brakes - Catering Equipment

Deliveroo has been working with Brakes, one of the leading suppliers of non-food procurement in the UK, to provide Deliveroo restaurants with a bespoke core range of products at a unique price point. Covering a wide range of products across front and back of house with online ordering and next day delivery, why not approach us for a quote?

Yumpingo - Restaurant Technology

Ever thought what it would be like if you could read your customers thoughts about your service, food or atmosphere in real time? Well Yumpingo aims to do just that, with it's 1 minute review system it gains direct feedback from the customer to give you actionable insights. This not only helps you increase efficiencies but also improves profitability. Head over to our marketplace to see how Yumpingo is changing the way restaurants gauge feedback.

Veolia - Waste Management

Keeping your accesses clear, ensuring compliance with health and safety and maintaining your image to customers are all part of ensuring you have the right waste management solutions in place. Veolia are a market leader servicing the whole of the UK to deliver a first class waste collection service. Our exclusive lift rates are available now.

Inenco - Energy

As high usage customers we all know the importance of getting a highly competitive tariff for our gas and electricity. So no wonder we've gone to the most established broker in the industry to secure a range of market leading tariffs. With energy prices at a 10 year high, why not approach our team to discover what savings we can achieve for you.

EE - Mifi Devices (4G)

There can be a lot of strain on your broadband lines when running all of your systems, even your Deliveroo tablet. To ensure a consistently strong data connection we partnered with EE the provider of the fastest 4G data in the UK. Get online with super speed for only £100 a year.


Your online and social presence is more critical now than ever, with customers checking reviews, opening hours and menus before considering to book a table. We wanted to deliver a partnership that helps tick all of these boxes and more by delivering an all-in-one solution for your website needs, from creation to optimising and social management. With a no obligation free trial, what are you waiting for?

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