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Get seen on instagram

Get seen on instagram

Here are our 5 top tips for instagram success:

  1. Have Great Photos - Everyone eats with their eyes, and the better the photo, the more likely people are to see it
  2. Interact - If you can spend a little bit of time, liking and commenting on your followers posts, before posting your own content, you are likely to get seen more. And if followers comment on your posts - you should reply
  3. Tagging is Important - If you tag someone who's visited you because they've shared a great picture, that person is likely to share the image meaning a bigger audience. If you tag Deliveroo, our followers are also likely to see that image, which again means more people viewing your posts!
  4. Location is Important - When people visit an area, they will look for things on Instagram that are around them. When you post pictures, always tag your location (but keep it broad - e.g. tag Cheltenham, UK rather than Five Guys, Cheltenham) so that when people search for things in Cheltenham, you are likely to come up in the search.
  5. URLs - You can only have 1 URL on Instagram. However, there is a website called linktree which allows you to have more than 1 URL attached to the link. To encourage customers to order from you on Deliveroo,  get your brand landing page link from your account manager and add it in.

Happy Instagramming!

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