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Red Dog South

Red Dog South

There is something special about finding a restaurant that's truly passionate about the food it creates. And that's exactly what you get over at Red Dog South. From the only World Championship Winning smoker to the hickory wood that slowly crackles away on it, this place is the real deal for authentic southern USA BBQ cuisine. 

No smoke without fire

Red Dog South – also known as Red Dog Saloon – whip up a huge range of traditional BBQ meat dishes, including succulent chicken wings, mouthwatering burgers and their signature 'Bar-b-q' sandwiches. They've all been lovingly slow cooked for up to 16 hours to make sure they have that fall-apart goodness, for a real taste of the Deep South in every mouthful.

And in authentic southern American dining tradition, everything is best washed down with a cold Coke float or a thick, creamy milkshake. But don't just take our word for it.

Bringing BBQ to Britain

In  2011 Red Dog South first opened its doors in Hoxton Square, London, and immediately became a solid hit with locals. And we think the fact that they're now boasting six undeniably unrivaled restaurants, the sixth as far north as Liverpool, speaks for itself.

It's an award-winning Oklahoma smoker behind the meat magic here, infusing the goodies with that authentic, punchy, smoky flavor that we all know and love. This gives Red Dog South the edge, where many try to imitate, they simply create.

The supporting cast

If you're a bit indecisive, or eating in a pair, Red Dog South has got you covered. Enter the Carnivore Platter, consisting of every smoked meat on offer, two generous sides and creamy coleslaw. If you want to double up on the American vibe, go for the Southern Belle, for a southern fried chicken burger-y delight, layered with American cheese, applewood smoked bacon and draped in BBQ sauce.

They don't just cater for the meat-lovers out there either, if you're a vegetarian, it's the Spicy Bean Burger for you. Here you'll find a three bean and quinoa patty topped off with their refreshing red pepper salsa. And if you're not feeling the burger vibe, there's also the Chop Salad, made with egg, romaine lettuce and tomato, drizzled with a scrumptious ranch dressing.

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