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Nottingham’s Most Popular Restaurants

Nottingham’s most popular restaurants

If you've got a sweet tooth and think of yourself as an aficionado of all things American, Nottingham is the city for you. Check out our guide to Nottingham's most popular eats, including some seriously good doughnuts and diners, that you can find on Deliveroo.  


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Some days just call for a curry, and on those days you need to make sure it's a tamatanga. This is a firm favourite among the foodies of Nottingham, and it's all down to its authentic Indian dishes, crowd-pleasing classics like Butter Chicken, and fragrant Biryani. And it's proved so popular in Nottingham that it's branching out with a new site in Birmingham. Lucky Birmingham!


Hooters; it's a legend of the all-American sports bar, and Nottingham boasts the only one in the UK. When it's match night, this is your go-to. Think Chicken Strips, deep-fried Cheese Sticks of stringy mozzarella and wings, lots of wings – you can't get a Hooters without ordering wings!

Griddle & Shake

Hot burgers, cool shakes – what's not to love? Griddle & Shake lets you build your own burger. Pair your perfect beef patty, pulled pork, chicken or tempeh with a classic seeded bun, gluten free number, brioche or pretzel, and then slurp on a shake that you can customise with as many flavour combinations as you like. This is the kind of DIY you'll want to do on a weekend.

The Mandarin Chinese

The Mandarin Chinese Restaurant has a huge menu of authentic Chinese dishes. From delicate steamed dim sum to rich roast duck, this is perfect for a big crowd that just wants to dig into a selection of dishes. Even if you're someone that tends to stick to one main every time you order in, that'll all change once you see how hard it is to pick just one dish from this menu.

Bonzai Sushi Bar

Sushi's a winner come lunchtime, but when it's from Bonzai it takes some beating. The chefs have spent over a decade honing their sushi skills, to serve up delicate fish dishes, perfectly balanced bento and teppanyaki cooked in a flash over the hot platter.

Real Burrito Company

Pulling off a successful spin-off is hard to do; not for the Real Burrito Company though. This burrito joint was brought to you by the brains behind the Real Burger Co. And although it might be a relative newbie to Nottingham, its loaded burritos, packed with two types of meat, have already won over the city's Mexican fans.

Heavenly Desserts

A restaurant dedicated to desserts is the stuff that dreams are made of. So if you're the type of person that just wants to skip the starter and the main course and dive straight into pudding, you have to try Heavenly Desserts. Just like a towering ice cream sundae, this menu is layer-upon-layer of goodies, like fudgey brownies, feather-light crepes, plus it has a whole section dedicated to Cookie Dough.

Ugly Bread Bakery

Ugly Bread by name but definitely not by nature. This Nottingham based bakery does picture perfect sourdough pizzas and Italian pastries and cakes, like creamy custard-filled cannoli. Just like their deli delights, the bakers keep the menu fresh by constantly evolving their dishes and pizza toppings, so your love of all things Ugly Bread Bakery will never go stale.


Sticky glazes, gooey centres and sugary sweet toppings; doughnuts can do no wrong. But when you want to step your doughnuts up a notch, you need to try Doughnotts. Squidgy middles and practically every topping you could ever want – from Brownie Mars Bars (yep they're a thing now!) to Cadbury Crunchie, and even old school sweet shop favourites like jawbreakers and love hearts.

Thailand No 1

Thai food's exactly what you need if the weather takes a bit of a turn for the worst. With contrasting textures, vibrant colours and chilli kick, it's like a bowlful of summer. That's exactly what you get with the classic dishes from Thailand No1. The chefs use authentic produce, that they import ever week, to get that proper taste of Thailand in every mouthful. And this is definitely a go-to for heat freaks, with a big selection of hot and spicy stir fries to try.

Moulin Rouge

Forget everything you know about the Moulin Rouge, from now on this name's going to be synonymous with fish and chips. Nottingham's Moulin Rouge serves up some of the most popular versions of the iconic British cuisine in the city. Crispy batter, snowy-white fish and chunky chips – you can't have fries with fish and chips after all!

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