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Pizzaface Brighton

Pizzaface Brighton

At Pizzaface, simplicity reigns. Simple ingredients, simple preparation, simply outstanding flavour. This is pizza as it's supposed to be, shaped by the Brighton and Hove community that it's based in, but unmistakably rooted in its Italian origins. From their vegan and gluten-free options to their fresh ingredients and old-style cooking methods, Pizzaface has clearly found a winning formula for A1 pizza.

Kemptown, a.k.a. Brighton's Little Italy

A corner of Italy down in the heart of Kemptown – that's the vision of Bertie and Woody, the two guys who started Pizzaface back in 2009. From a 20-year-old Blodgett oven, a tiny menu of just six different pizzas and a pretty rundown location, plus a bit of help from friends and family, Pizzaface has blossomed into one of the south coast's premier pizza destinations. They've since opened up two more locations in Hove and Worthing and remain committed to providing some of the best pizza this side of the channel.

Ready, set, pizza!

At Pizzaface, the ingredients speak for themselves. They start out with Sardinian '00' flour, fresh veg and the best meat around. Then the dough is baked in a 300-degree stone-based oven. For anyone who doesn't know, that's hot. Like, really hot. That's pretty much it: simple, but oh so effective.

So, what's on offer? Glad you asked. One of the best things about Pizzaface is just how big their menu is. Whatever combination of ingredients you're after, chances are you'll find it. Go rustic with the Woodsman, a leafy choice featuring sultanas, olives, red onions and pine nuts, or turn up the heat with the Vesuvius, a fiery mix of chillies, chorizo, pepperoni and onions. Most of the pizzas on offer at Pizzaface have that rustic edge which really brings the flavours of Italy to the forefront. Take the Jakub – pork, chorizo, caramelised onion, chilli, oregano and mascarpone – it's a masterpiece that sounds and tastes like it could have come straight out of a Neapolitan kitchen.

Gluten-free zone

With a range of gluten-free and wheat-free pizzas, dietary restrictions don't have to stop you from enjoying the simple pleasure of a well-made pizza. Almost all of Pizzaface's regular pizzas are available in gluten-free and wheat-free options, while there's also the option of a wholegrain spelt base for anyone looking for a slightly more nutritious option.

Vegan vibes?

Riding the vegan wave? That's no problem either. There are four specially designed options just for you. The Ozzy, served with cheese, chorizo, smoked tofu sausage, mushrooms and red onions really gets the crowd going, while the Gabriel is an insanely edible option featuring olives, onions, pesto and chilli. We're big fans of the Thom Yorke, a delicious pizza topped off with pine nuts, spinach, cheese, smoked tofu sausage, sour cream and chopped garlic. No Fake Plastic Pizza here, thank you very much.

Home straight

See the meal off with one of Pizzaface's delicious ice cream desserts. The sea salt caramel option, the result of a collaboration with Boho Gelato, is simply stunning, while the chocolate cherry sorbet goes down a treat – plus it's vegan.

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