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How does photography impact sales?

How does photography impact sales?

In an online world, photography is your storefront. The quality of your food photography is a key factor in setting your offering apart from other restaurants in your area and standing out to customers on Deliveroo. Once you've enticed a customer from the restaurant list into your menu - the next step is helping them to visualise the quality of each dish, exactly as your serving staff help to do when they talk through your offering, or when a customer catches a glimpse of a passing dish. Perhaps it comes as no surprise that restaurants that choose to showcase their food using a hero (restaurant list) photo and individual item photos tend to do incredibly well with customers.

What's the difference between having a hero image and not having one?

Having a hero image is all about showcasing your food, whetting the appetite and encouraging customers to choose your restaurant.

Better listing position: Restaurants with hero images automatically feature higher on the restaurant list than those without and attract more customers to their menu. This means that without a hero image, you're relying on customers scrolling to the bottom of the list to see your menu.

What about individual item images?

Using specific images of each item on your menu makes it as easy as possible for customers to decide which dish to order. It gives them a bit of inspiration and helps them visualise what the food will look like when it arrives at their front door. It also adds character to you menu and helps customers to see the range and quality of options available. Higher menu conversion: Having images of as many individual dishes as possible means customers are more likely to order from your restaurant after browsing your menu. In fact, individual items with images see a 6.5% uplift in menu conversion, compared to those without.


How can I improve my photography?

We offer a professional photography service to partner restaurants, so you can access high-quality imagery to showcase your menu that helps to attract more customers to from the restaurant list and increase menu conversion once they get there. If you'd like to add or update your photography, get in touch on partners@deliveroo.co.uk - we will talk you through the different packages available, book in your photography shoot at a time that suits you, and upload your photos to your menu within 5 working days. If you have your own photos, or if you want to organise your own photo shoot, please send your images to us (partners@deliveroo.co.uk) and we'll get them uploaded for you. Remember to go through our 5-step photography check, to make sure your images meet our requirements.

See our 5-step photography check here.

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