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Give Your Grilled Cheese a Scottish Twist with Melt

Haggis grilled cheese, it exists! Here’s how Melt makes the perfect sandwich, Scottish-style

Melt has created the toastiest, tastiest tributes to Scotland in a grilled cheese sandwich. They've squished their crispy sourdough slices with local favourites to cook up The Classic with Haggis & Bacon and The Bruiser – a masterclass in Scottish comfort food that packs macaroni cheese and more haggis into one gooey grilled cheese, which you can order on Deliveroo. We gave Mechelle, Aberdeen's queen of cheese, some quickfire questions to find out how they source the best of Scotland and get the perfect pull on each sandwich.

Quick Q&A with Mechelle from Melt

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What gave you the idea for The Bruiser?

Mechelle: We were already doing a macaroni toastie and I wanted something that would be a bit over the top and very, very Scottish so The Bruiser ticked all of those boxes.

What cheese combination makes the perfect cheese-pull?

Mechelle: We use a cheese blend on all of our toasties that's designed to have the perfect ratio of taste to melting. It's about 60% very strong cheddar, 20% emmental and 20% mozzarella.

How many cheese combinations did you try before you found the perfect mix?

Mechelle: Probably about 15 combinations. I thoroughly researched what would work well for taste and melting then it was just a matter of personal taste. [That's definitely a strong contender for the best job in the world. Ed.]

How do you source your haggis for these proper Scottish sandwiches?

Mechelle: All of our meat is produced locally. We tried several brands of haggis and bacon before we found the perfect ones.

For anyone that's never had haggis, how would you describe it?

Mechelle: I had never actually tried haggis before I started Melt. Like a lot of people, the idea of it put me off a little, but now I'm addicted! I love it when it's crispy and very peppery.

How do you assemble the perfect grilled cheese?

Mechelle: We butter the outside of our toasties to make them buttery and crispy. Inside we spread our homemade béchamel sauce on both slices, load it up with bacon and haggis or macaroni and then a huge handful of cheese. We butter the grill a little and sprinkle a little cheese on it to make the outside cheesy and then go to town melting it!

In three words, how would you describe The Classic with Haggis & Bacon?

Mechelle: Cheesy, haggisy, bacony! Are any of those actual words?

In three words, how would you describe The Bruiser?

Mechelle: Your hangover cured.

What's the best grilled cheese you've ever had?

Mechelle: The lasagna toastie we did for a special with our own meat ragu and a sheet of cooked lasagna, smothered in béchamel sauce. I ate one too many of those.

What's the most out-there grilled cheese combination you've ever made?

Mechelle: Peanut butter, smoked bacon, banana and maple syrup on french toast!

Apart from haggis, what other traditional Scottish ingredients would you recommend in a grilled cheese?

Mechelle: We've used black pudding a few times, but apart from that I think the Scots have kind of claimed mac and cheese as their own, they stick it in everything!

Are you exploring any new flavour combos for your grilled cheese?

Mechelle: Next year, we're going to do our own meatball marinara toastie and a sun-dried tomato and pesto one.

A meatball marinara toastie sounds unreal! We need all the cheese after that! To get your toastie fix, order from Melt in Aberdeen on Deliveroo.

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