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Five Fridge Essentials With Yianni From MEATliquor

Five fridge essentials with Yianni from MEATliquor...

We get to know Yianni, Creative Director at MEATliquor, by asking a few essential food questions.

Name five things you always keep in the fridge...

Parmesan cheese. Bacon – dry cured bacon. Butter, lots of butter. Feta cheese and I suppose… eggs. I wouldn't keep them in the fridge though.

What do you cook when nobody's watching?

I love pasta – Cacio e Pepe, which is really simple. It's just an emulsion of parmesan, pasta, water and black pepper. There's a Greek dish I remember from my childhood which is very similar: it's literally lots of butter, feta cheese and salt and lots of black pepper. The other thing I have a particular late night penchant for is little sachets of Japanese curry sauce. I just keep stacks of them, you can pour them over rice, pasta, super noodles, ramen... anything.

Favourite sound/smell in the kitchen:

Onions and garlic being fried up, I just love it! That's an old festival trick, in fact they still do it in some places – if trade's a bit slow they'll just put loads of onions on the grill and the smell brings everybody in.

Favourite single ingredient?


Do you cook a lot with butter?

F**k, yeah. It's healthy as well. Finally the mainstream press has caught up with the science. Actual scientists have been saying it for years and years and it's only recently that the media has decided that that's something that they're going to latch on to. Butter is definitely my favourite all round ingredient. Sweet, savoury – everything.

Favourite restaurant we might not have heard of:

Gold Mine on Queensway. It's some of the best Cantonese BBQ you'll find anywhere in the world. Haven't been able to keep out of there since we opened MEATliquor Queensway.

You're on death row, what would you request for your final meal?

An all-you-can-eat buffet, I reckon I could stretch that out for years. For total decadence, the caviar buffet at Bellagio's in Vegas. I also love proper American line cooks doing proper American pancakes from scratch. Those two would be my choices.

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