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Leicester’s Best Restaurants on Deliveroo

The best restaurants in Leicester

Leicester and the surrounding county can claim the birthplace of loads of great British classics, like Stilton, Melton Mowbray Pork Pies and Red Leicester. But there's so much more to Leicester than the contents of a picnic hamper. This vibrant city's full of amazing cuisines, from Lebanese to South American street food, which you can find here on Deliveroo. Here's our pick of some of the best.

Bonzai Sushi

When you want something light for dinner, but definitely want to steer clear of rabbit food, sushi's your go-to.  And for those lighter nights in, Bonzai Sushi should first on your list. It's Leicester's most popular restaurant on Deliveroo and for good reason. The chef's had over a decade of training in Japan, so you know you're getting your gunkan and futomaki the way they should be.

Efes Mangal

Efes Mangal takes its name from Ephesus – an ancient city in Aegean Turkey. So like its namesake suggests, this family-run restaurant takes Turkish cooking right back to its roots. Cooked over a charcoal grill, the marinated meat dishes like Chicken Shish and lightly spiced kofte are no-frills but full of flavour. And with so many grills to choose from, a sharing platter is the one to get so you can sample and share a bit of everything.

Peter Pizzeria

Pizza lovers and Leicester City fans need to make a pilgrimage to Peter Pizzeria – it was visited by Ranieri's Premier League-winning side when they were told to keep a clean sheet. This pizzeria goes above and beyond to make its wood-fired, sourdough pizzas. It uses fantastic ingredients, sourced from small scale producers with a genuine passion for their products. Take the small batch olive oil they sourced from Biosapori, an all female cooperative. If that isn't commitment to great pizza, we don't know what is.

Noodle House

Noodle House is a local favourite in Leicester. For those nights when you and your mates just fancy a quiet one with some good food, this hits the spot. From a dark and earthy Black Bean Chicken to the classic that is Sweet and Sour (you can't get a Chinese without it, be honest), this will be a winner for sharing with friends.

Cedar's Lebanese

Lebanese cuisine is all about making food into a social occasion. Hot and cold mezzes, platters of dips and warm bread to tear into while having a proper catch up. That's exactly what you get from Cedar's Lebanese. The menu's full of dishes that are made for sharing, like platters of juicy shwarma and rice, or mezzes of Moutabal, made with pureed aubergine, and Sambousek – those crispy little fried pockets stuffed with spiced meat.


Some days just call out for a dinner to give your taste buds a bit of a boost. On those days, you need a big, meaty burrito from Bodega to do the job. The contrast of spicy soft meat, cool sour cream, and then that fresh hit of salsa – it's the perfect remedy to a less-than perfect day. Plus, they're stuffed with fun, cantina inspired fillings with a twist, like Dr. Pepper Marinated Pork, or Homemade Chilli with Dark Chocolate. And if you're getting a burrito, you can't skip the Sweet Potato Fries with Chipotle Mayo, they're a must-try.


Leicester's big on mezze, and another example of great food for sharing comes from Yesim. This Mediterranean grill's Nemrut platter is one to try for carnivores, with lamb and chicken shish, Adana kebab and lamb chops. But vegetarians can get stuck into the range of meat-free dishes on the menu too, like the Falafel Wrap with chips, because who doesn't love a good chip?

Arthur's Rotisserie

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For those lunch times when you just can't face bringing in another tupperware that you packed at the last minute, you need to check out Arthur's Rotisserie. Its uncomplicated, classic rotisserie lets the locally sourced chicken do the talking. And, it's then served up, freshly pulled, in a hot wrap or rice box. You'll also want to try a slab of their handmade marble cake with your afternoon coffee by the way.


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Movie buffs and meat fans, Meatcure is the burger joint for you. Each dish is a tribute to a classic film, like the Rocky Balboa. We're talking about a 6oz beef patty, topped with a double helping of melted cheese, beer pulled chicken and streaky bacon – it's a real heavyweight of a burger. Imagine a Friday lunchtime with a few of these for your mates. That's how winning is done.

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