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La Fromagerie

Cheese. This creamy delight just has a special place in our hearts. Whether it's bundled onto a burger, packed into a sandwich or on its own with a glass of red wine, it's always there for us. And La Fromagerie get this too.  

So next time you want to push the boat out – a cheese board for your next party, a show-stopping cheese for an intimate meal, or simply want to get your hands on some luxe charcuterie or divine extras like white truffle oil, La Fromagerie's menu has it all.

Distinctly cheesy

La Fromagerie's menu – of course – features lots of cheeses, all sourced from the UK, Italy and France, and stored in specially built cheese-maturing cellars on site. If you're a bit indecisive, or you're pulling out all the stops for your wine night, their sharing boards are a great option. These delights are perfect for four to six people, so opt for the Italian Spring, with soft Gorgonzola and sharp Pecorino, or the French Spring, with mild Comté d'Estive nestled with the slightly saltier Selles-sur-Cher. The British board naturally features a strong Cheddar, along with the floral Beenleigh Blue.

These guys also have tons of offerings to go with your cheeses. Tangy caper berries, crumbly oat biscuits, a housemade chutney, even luxe foie gras and caviar can be found here. The wine selection is extensive and, just like the cheese, focuses on Italian and French vineyards.

The expert choice

La Fromagerie first opened its doors as a shop in Highbury back in 1992 by Patricia Michelson, but the company has humbler origins. Beginning by purchasing of a large wheel of French cheese while on holiday, Patricia had a garden shed, then a market stall before creating La Fromagerie shops as we know them today. She has also written two books on cheese, so what she doesn't know about cheese probably isn't worth knowing.  

Simple but delightful

Fancy dinner party aside, these guys also have everything you need for a picnic or robust lunch platter. Scoop up creamy Burrata or get tough with a well-aged Parmesan. For a punchier flavour opt for the Colton Bassett Stilton, renowned for being smoother than many blue cheeses without an acidic tang from the blue veining that you might find in other types of blue-y delights.

For a luxurious treat, check out the Caprini Tartufo, where the earthiness of its goats' milk perfectly set off by shavings of truffle. Wild boar salami is a popular alternative to the cheese, while palate cleansers come in the form of Wood-Roast Artichoke Hearts and a crunchy Celeriac Remoulade.

Sometimes only cheese will do. Check out the great cheesey options you'll at La Fromagerie here on Deliveroo.

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