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Innovating through virtual brands

Innovating through virtual brands

We have always been innovators in the food sector – bringing fresh, exciting concepts to offer customers the choice they want and to help you increase conversion.

Virtual brands are our latest innovation that make your resources go further. Creating a virtual brand means using your existing kitchen, equipment and stock to provide customers with another occasion or cuisine online.

Plus, they give you an opportunity to:

  • Develop new ideas and new concepts under a new brand name, lowering risk and cost.
  • Reduce product wastage and cost.
  • Test new dishes and styles before adding them to your established brand menu.

What exactly do we do to create a new virtual brand?

  1. We look for a gap in the market, to see what type of food customers want in your area but are struggling to find. For example, this could be a Japanese on a budget, or a gourmet burger.
  1. Then, we work with you to develop a new brand to plug this gap – without the need for bricks and mortar premises – using your existing kitchen equipment.
  1. We support you as you launch and run this new brand – with our expert knowledge, insights and support, knowing that this will boost sales.

How can you get involved?

If you'd like us to help you create a new virtual brand, register your interest by emailing partners@deliveroo.co.uk

Who has done it well so far?

Until earlier this year, the team behind G'rillers brought grilled creations inspired by Africa alone to the people of High Wycombe.

Then, in February, combining their passion for the grill and a love of all things Mexican, they took a leap across the pond with a Deliveroo virtual brand.


Burrito Bandito was launched, and has provided a 54% average incremental increase in orders each week!

Burritos and BBQ now both come from the same kitchen to feed their hungry customers.

Orders before and after introducing a virtual brand


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