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Herman Ze German

Herman ze German

German cuisine is one that has fallen off the radar here in the UK, that is, until Herman ze German came along to change just that. Created to show us Britons just how good proper German food can be, this specialist chain now has two restaurants in our capital city and they serve up delectable, genuine wurst by the bucket load.

So what makes Herman's stand head and shoulders above the rest? We take a look at exactly what Deutsche-delicacies this specialist has to offer, and just why people keep coming back for more.

Black Forest bangers

It goes without saying that the biggest draw to Herman's is their offering of the tastiest German sausage in London. Guaranteed. How? Well, they import it straight from their favourite family butcher over in the Black Forest region of Germany, so you're always getting the real deal here.

From pork and veal Bratwurst and smoky pork Bockwurst, to their addictive currywurst with fries, Herman ze German keep their menu simple and true to German tradition. They even offer traditional German potato salad as a side, although we can't resist their Pommes Spezial, serving up your favourite thin-cut fries with curry sauce, mayo and crispy onions. Wunderbar.

German tradition in the heart of England

Feeling frustrated that they couldn't find a decent German sausage in the UK, founders Azadeh and Florian decided to take matters into their own hands. Remembering with fondness their family butcher back in the Black Forest, they decided to import his homemade sausages all the way to Brighton to sell from the local pub.

6 years and endless festivals with their food trailer later, and Herman ze German now has two permanent, prime locations in London with a dedicated following who love German wurst just as much as Herman's founders.

Herman's must-haves

If you want our opinion you can't visit Herman ze German without getting a taste of a traditional Berlin currywurst, and they offer it up for veggies and meat lovers alike. Choose from three sizes – although we don't know why you wouldn't go large for this – of deliciously smoky pork Bockwurst and pork and veal Bratwurst, or Herman's signature veggie-wurst.

Served up with skinny fries, the sausage is chopped into bite-sized pieces before being slathered in Herman's signature tomato-curry-sauce. Sweet, sticky and perfect for fry-dipping, this is one seriously addictive drizzle. No napkins needed here, you'll be happy to lick your fingers.

Fancy the best of the wurst? Find Herman ze German here on Deliveroo today.

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