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Five fridge essentials: Brad and Jonno from La Pistola

Five fridge essentials: Jonno and Brad from La Pistola

Brad and Jonno – the brains behind Deliveroo exclusive La Pistola – talk dinner party guests, backyard burners and final meals.

Name five things you always keep in the fridge...

Jonno: I'm British so it's going to be ham, cheese, milk. My wife's Indian so we'll always have some nice smell coming out of the fridge from something she's cooked beforehand. Those are

the basics.

Brad: Roasted garlic, hot sauce, mustard, something green and probably chicken.

Who is your dream dinner party guest?

Jonno: Ian M. Banks, he's a writer. He is dead, unfortunately, so he's a real dream dinner party guest.

Brad: Who would I like to cook for? Probably one of my mentors – Thomas Keller or Alain Ducasse.

What's your favourite sound/smell in the kitchen?

Jonno: The smell of a Sunday roast – it reminds me of my mum. She wasn't a particularly good cook, but it takes you back doesn't it?

Brad: My favourite sound in the kitchen is silence. That means everything is working.

Favourite single ingredient?

Jonno: Salt.

Brad: Tabasco, I could put that on anything. I keep six different types of Tabasco in the fridge.

What do you cook when nobody's watching?

Jonno: Toasted cheese sandwich. A dirty cheese sandwich and a cup of tea.

Brad: Because I'm willing to go the extra distance, fried chicken – honestly.

Jonno: Spot the chef!

Brad: Right now in my backyard I keep a butane tank with a little candy burner on top of it, and a pot of oil so it's really easy for me just to crank up a fryer and throw some bird in it.

Jonno: Not sure the landlord would allow that on my balcony.

You're on death row, what would you request for a final meal?

Jonno: Easy. Chicken taco.

Brad: Fried chicken and doughnuts. It would have to be with my family, too.

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