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Five Fridge Essentials with Ruby from Ping Pong

Five fridge essentials with Ruby from Ping Pong…

Ruby, Head of New Product Development at Ping Pong, talks favourite restaurants, baking and death row meals.

Name five things you always keep in the fridge.

Blueberries, yoghurt, cherry tomatoes, fresh minced garlic, vodka… I'm joking! Eggs.

Name five things you always travel with.

Makeup, foundation, lip balm, phone charger – super important. Painkillers. Sunscreen. Oyster card. It's hard to pick five things, I need at least 20!

Name your dream dinner party guest.

I think it's a cliche but I would have Stephen Fry. I was really sad when he left QI.

Favourite sound or smell in the kitchen?

I love the smell of garlic when it hits the pan. I love the sound of people talking. That makes for a good working kitchen.

Favourite curse word in the kitchen?

I don't think I really curse that much. But if I'm annoyed I make a grunting noise and roll my eyes.

Favourite single ingredient?

At the moment, almond flour. It's carb-free, very versatile.

Favourite restaurant we might not know about?

I have two. Smokestak, near Shoreditch High Street. It  smells so good – it's right next to my gym, and every single time I'm there, I'm super tempted to go in. They do really good beef brisket and an amazing baby gem salad. The other one is Asakusa, a  very small, family run, Japanese restaurant right next to Mornington Crescent Station. They do really good traditional Japanese food.

What do you cook when nobody's watching?

Baking. I'm a really bad baker, I burn a lot of stuff. If there's no one around, there's no one to judge me, so I can throw it away and pretend it never happened.

Do you have a go-to hangover cure?

Juices. Any juices. Good old alkaseltzer too.

You're on death row, what do you request for your final meal?

Lobster, oysters, seafood – I love seafood. Singaporean curry crab is my favourite.

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