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Deliveroo Presents Dominique Ansel’s Greatest Creations

Dominique Ansel’s greatest creations – which ones will you try on Deliveroo?

New York-based chef Dominique Ansel is the mastermind behind some of the most talked about pastries on the planet. By pushing boundaries and finding new ways to delight with his desserts, this multi-award-winner has brought us the queue-inducing Cronut®, cute Cookie Shots and the Instagrammable Blossoming Hot Chocolate. To celebrate the arrival of the ultra-festive Christmas Morning Cereal on Deliveroo, here's a rundown of some of his greatest hits to date and the delicious dishes you can order from their Belgravia bakery on Deliveroo.

The Cronut®

We couldn't talk about Dominique Ansel without a shout out to the Cronut®. This unique croissant-doughnut hybrid was one of the most virally shared desserts online when it first launched in New York in May 2013. And the response to this ring of buttery, flaky pastry was so huge that TIME Magazine even named it one of the best inventions of the year. Each month, Dominique Ansel launches one new seasonal flavour, and the December Cronut® in London is filled with a roasted plum jam and creamy eggnog ganache. We know January's will be just as delicious (we hear it's Banana Dulcey & Espresso Caramel!), but can we just hang on to this one for a little bit longer?

Blossoming Hot Chocolate

The Blossoming Hot Chocolate is a bit of an Instagram obsession for us in the office. A delicate bud of marshmallow is placed into a rich cup of hot chocolate before it blooms into a flower, revealing a teeny chocolate bonbon surprise inside. Give yourself an early Christmas present, find the Boomerang video of this online.

Christmas Morning Cereal

We didn't think it was possible but Christmas morning just got better. Dominique Ansel's Christmas Morning Cereal is a blend of puffed rice coated in Valrhona Caramelia (that's caramelised milk chocolate!), whole candied hazelnuts and snowy little meringue peaks flavoured with smoked cinnamon. This is one breakfast you'll want to put off opening your presents for, so make sure you order in a box from Deliveroo before the big day.

Frozen S'mores

If cosy campfire flavours fill you with joy, you need to try one of Dominique Ansel's signature Frozen S'mores in the Belgravia bakery. This is – wait for it – Tahitian vanilla ice cream with chocolate wafer crisps that's been wrapped in a fluffy white coat of honey marshmallow. It's threaded onto a smoked willow wood branch and then torched to order to give you all the feels of the fireside.

Cookie Shots

For Christmas cheer with a difference this year, why not give their Cookie Shots a try? They're made from chocolate chip cookies, baked freshly everyday, that are shaped into shot glasses and then lined with chocolate. They're filled to order with a shot of their home-made Tahitian vanilla-infused milk, so if you think Santa Claus is more of a milk and cookies kind of guy rather than a mince pie and sherry fan, you could order in a pack on Deliveroo so you're all set for Christmas Eve.

Gingerbread Pinecone

The Gingerbread Pinecone is Willy Wonka-level ingenuity. This intricate, wintery little wonder consists of ginger mousse, biscuity speculoos ganache and lightly spiced cake that's covered in over 60 handcut chocolate petals arranged to look like a real pinecone. It's then finished with a festive flurry of icing sugar to give it that picture-perfect new-fallen snow look.

To order in the Christmas Cronut®, Christmas Morning Cereal and the Cookie Shots, check out Dominique Ansel on Deliveroo. And if you're out in Belgravia, pop into their bakery to warm yourself up with a Blossoming Hot Chocolate, some toasty Frozen S'mores and a Gingerbread Pinecone.

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