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Dip And Flip: New To Deliveroo

New to Deliveroo: Dip & Flip

The gravy guys behind burger joint Dip & Flip have been showering London with their gravy magic since 2013, and now you can get your Dip & Flip fix through Deliveroo. Putting on pop-up shops and rocking last year's National Burger Day, they're quickly becoming the burger joint to shout about.

Serving top-notch burgers and gravy-soaked sandwiches in Battersea, Brixton, Wimbledon and Tooting, Dip & Flip aren't your cliché burger joint. Taking taste to the max and making meals messy, their insane stack of gravy-smothered snacks are here to give you what you didn't even know you wanted.

Putting the dip in Dip & Flip

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Part one of the Dip & Flip sensation is all about the 'dip' – their roast sandwiches. Taking tender meats, dipping them in homestyle gravy and stuffing them in a freshly baked bread roll, it's time to meet the dips. And yes, they are as delectable as they sound.

For a one-stop lunch or a night in with friends, find a roast topside of West Country beef or a thinly sliced shoulder of lamb to tempt you. With the beef, choose from a topping of fiery horseradish or a dressing of Dijon mustard. And for the lamb, there's mint sauce to add sweetness. All are served with a homemade cabbage slaw and punchy pickles, so you get that after-crunch to follow the soft bread and succulent meat.

Serving South West London with flawless flips

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Now it's on to part two. And yes, you've guessed it, the flip is all about flat griddled burgers. Since 2013, Dip & Flip have served South West London with their iconic beef patties and indulgent dip sandwiches.

With just one look at that juicy line up, it's easy to see why their selection of flips are frequently top of the most popular pop-ups. If the classic bacon cheeseburger's your jam, you've got a lot of thinking to do. At Dip & Flip, order as a single or dare to double up. With smoked streaky bacon built on top of bubbling cheese and stuffed into a beautiful brioche bun – complete with pickles, slaw, mustard and ketchup of course – it's love at first sight.

The double whammy and moreish melts

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And then, just when you thought you had a debate on your hands, enter the Dip & Flip burger. A classic cheese-covered flip is topped with gravy-dipped roasted meat and added to that signature brioche, pickles, slaw, mustard and ketchup combination. Combining both staples, you get the best of both in every bite.

Despite the name, Dip & Flip are more than just dips and flips. Feast your eyes on the phenomenal patty melt. Taking a smashed burger patty and two slices of thick-cut wholegrain toast, the perfect cheese-smothered sandwich was born. Order with a side of fries and thick shake to really go to town.

Whether it's a dip or flip for you, make your Dip & Flip order with Deliveroo and have a foodie night in.

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