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Money saving deals and expert advice

Money saving deals and expert advice

As your partner, we are here to support you - in more ways than connecting you with more customers. One of the ways we do this is through Deliveroo Restaurant Partnerships: hand-picked business services that we know will grow and benefit your restaurant, at best-in-market prices. It's an exclusive, free service, just for restaurants available on Deliveroo. We have a dedicated team whose sole purpose is to understand how we could add more value to your business, research solutions to positively impact your bottom-line and procure partnerships with market-leading suppliers across a range of services - like helping you find the staff you need and giving you advice about business rates. You can browse all partnerships and sign up to the ones you're interested in here.  


Here's how we developed our staff benefits partnership, with Wrkit

The challenge? From interviewing restaurant owners and managers, and HR experts across the country, the same challenges were coming up again and again for the UK hospitality market: high staff turnover and a general skills shortage.

But, we know that taking steps to motivate staff and reduce churn of lower skilled workers isn't easy - especially because of the cost and time involved.

The solution? We felt a staff benefits programme really fitted the bill - giving restaurants an opportunity they may not have been able to afford or source on their own, and leading innovation to help improve the labour landscape in our industry.

After shortlisting a few providers, we decided Wrkit would be the best fit for our restaurant partners - they really understood the problem we wanted to tackle, and were keen to work with us to develop a service that would add true value to your business.

The result? By teaming up with Wrkit, we now pass on their expert know-how and experience directly to you - giving you free access to a first-class benefits and learning programme for your staff, including:

  • Hundreds of discounts off high street stores, services, travel and leisure

Popular picks: ODEON two for 1, Apple discounts, mobile phone insurance, Waitrose Boost and hotel discounts.

  • Cashback schemes through hundreds of vendors

Popular picks: ASOS, JD Sports, Argos, Swarovski, booking.com

  • Up-skilling and learning modules from The Open University

Popular picks: Sustainability, society and you, Introduction to cyber security, Understanding language: Learning and teaching

Don't just take it from us…

  • Over 600 restaurants have already registered on the platform and are taking advantage of our staff benefits.
  • On average, each individual restaurant staff member saves between £300 - £500 per annum.
  • Each month, over 150 restaurant partners enquire about this partnership. "Our team love the staff benefits perks offered by Deliveroo, it enables them to save cash on the popular items they are already purchasing. As an employer we wanted to show our employees how much we value them, and by partnering exclusively with Deliveroo we are able to positively impact their disposable income. Thanks Deliveroo!" Jenny Aspray, Head of People - Busaba Eathai

Have a great idea for a new partnership? If you have any comments about the partnerships that are currently available, or if you have any ideas or suggestions for new ones, please let us know by emailing perks@deliveroo.co.uk

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