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The Ultimate Pizza Debate: Crust Bros

The Ultimate Pizza Debate: Crust Bros

When we met Crust Bros founder Joe, and his head chef Nabil, we asked them to choose their favourite pizzas from the menu. Predictably, this prompted intense debate. Nabil eventually settled on the classic margherita, and for Joe, it's the Crust Bros signature pizza – the Cheeky Bro.

"Our philosophy is that quality ingredients speak for themselves…"

"It has to be the margherita. It's simple. Tomato, mozzarella and fresh basil. That's it." Nabil says. Joe talks us through the thinking behind the dish. "Our philosophy is that quality ingredients speak for themselves. There's not much to hide behind – there's the dough and three other ingredients. The best mozzarella which comes from Campagna every day, basil from Italy and the tomato sauce is our own secret recipe."


Nabil has a story for us: "You know why it's called the margherita? Margherita was the queen of Italy, and they made lots of different types of pizzas for her to taste. She preferred the simple one, so they named it after her."

A quick Google search shows that this version of events is disputed, but there's no arguing with the flavours. The dough has an almost beer-like flavour to it, and it's crispy and soft in all of the right places. Then, like the guys say – tasty tomato sauce, basil and stringy mozzarella top it off. It's beautiful, simple food.


"We use something called guanciale, it's thinly sliced pig cheek."

Time to get to know the Cheeky Bro. "We use something called guanciale, it's thinly sliced pig cheek. The way it's produced has become really famous. It's used in traditional Italian carbonara. It's perfect for pizza because it has a high fat content, so it cooks down over the pizza and crisps up like bacon.


"Then we have scamorza – it's a smoked mozzarella cheese. It gets that stringy, ooziness as it's cooked, and there's a real smokiness to it, which is added to the flavour you get from the fire in the oven. Then we add some thin sliced, fresh spring onions – it's amazing, it's quite light."

He's not wrong. As the Cheeky Bro comes out of the oven, you can hear the guanciale sizzling. The first bite is packed full of smoky, cheesy flavours, with just a little sharpness from the spring onions. The guanciale itself is fantastic, where bacon meets pata negra, and we wolfed the whole thing down in seconds.


If you feel like a pizza tonight, then look no further than Crust Bros for a taste of Naples. These delicious pizzas should definitely make their way onto your must-try list.

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