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Could a virtual brand work for your business?

Could a virtual brand work for your business?

Virtual brands have already proven to be a great success in supplying the cuisine types that customers want to areas where demand can't be satisfied.

We've identified thousands more opportunities for successful virtual brands across the world by analysing those zones where popular cuisine types are missing or undersupplied, and where customer orders continue to grow at an increasing rate.

This is where you come in...

As our trusted restaurant partners, you're perfectly placed to help us supply the food that customers are crying out for. Together we can work to create the perfect menus that appeal to local audiences at prices that are attractive to them.

Virtual brands are a proven way to expand your customer base - 84% of a virtual brand customers have never previously ordered from the original restaurant menu.

On top of this, reaching new audiences brings a significant boost to orders, with restaurants that launch virtual brands seeing order volumes increase by up to 75%!

Think that your restaurant could be suitable for launching a virtual brand?

Do you…

Have extra kitchen capacity you're looking to utilise? Have a best selling item that deserves its own menu? Want to get more orders at certain times of the day? Have a new food concept you've been looking to try?

Get involved

Whether you have a concept in mind or would just like to know more, email your account manager or partners@deliveroo.co.uk to discuss how virtual brands can benefit you.

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