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The Duck And Rice

The Duck and Rice: we profile some of London’s best Chinese food

Tucked away behind a corner on Berwick Street, there's a pub with a difference. Downstairs, you can get yourself a crafty drink, but upstairs is where the magic happens. It's always busy, so getting a table can be a little like heading west in The Grapes of Wrath, but luckily for you it's on Deliveroo. The Duck and Rice serves up some of London's best Chinese food, perfect for sharing with friends or entertaining when you fancy a dinner party, but not the hard work that goes along with it.


Get that dim sum, son

Whether you're looking for dim sum, rice dishes, noodles, vegetables, spice or sweetness, this place has something delicious that'll leave you somehow satisfied, but equally desperate for more. The menu is extensive, so the only way to truly discover the great and the good of this place is to order far too much, and then eat yourself silly. That's exactly what we did.

One of the house specials first – the house duck. Unusually, this slow-cooked duck breast is served up at room temperature. Fear not though, whatever it lacks in heat is paid back with interest in terms of flavour. It's almost like a richer and gamier belly of pork, with the crispy skin on top the crowning glory of a really unique dish.


Ready for a super Chinese spread?

But "If you don't like duck, you're rather stuck." doesn't apply here – there's plenty more on offer. Fancy some seafood? The wasabi prawn chop suey is here to add some freshness and considerable heat to your day. It doesn't hurt that they look beautiful too! How about something meaty? The melt-in-your-mouth tender black pepper beef is another highlight. Spicy and peppery, it's perfect to pair with one of the many amazing rice dishes on offer.

Putting further special in 'house special' is the Jasmine Smoked Pork Rib. It's a twofer, you get to feel like a caveman as you tear into it, and you can enjoy delicate smoky flavours like well-seasoned a food critic. Also famously delicious is The Duck and Rice take on sweet & sour chicken, a twist on a classic that's so good, it'll make you forget the original version.

If you're all about greenery, then the steamed Aubergine with Mui Choi (preserved mustard leaves, and one of our new favourite things) or the pak choi with garlic provide the healthy route to a tasty side dish. The French Bean Stir Fry does contain some mouth-watering minced pork, but there's more than enough to satisfy even the greenest taste buds out there.


Venison puff, puff, pass

Final stop: dumplings. Duck and Rice run the gamut with buns, puffs, spring rolls and dumplings. The venison puff is lighter and tastier than a helium balloon made out of your favourite food, and the crispy duck roll is well worth rolling over for. Delicious dumplings abound here, and there really are too many to go through them all.

In short, there's no better place to find delicious Chinese food, and you could spend a year trying everything on the menu. It's worth trying for the actual duck and rice dishes themselves, but the rest of the menu will bring you back time and time again.

Open your mind and your mouth to a whole new world of Chinese cuisine, and discover The Duck and Rice.

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