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Chicken Shop

Chicken Shop

Rotisserie chickens, marinated overnight, then spit-roasted over charcoal – did we have you at rotisserie? If that sounds like your type of thing, then you'll be a fan of Chicken Shop. But don't be fooled by the name – this isn't your regular chicken shop.

Since opening in London in 2012, they've become a key player when it comes to all things chicken. And we haven't even mentioned their incredible deep-filled American style apple pie yet…

Always popular, it's a cult favourite amongst Londoners seeking their chicken fix with all the fixin's. A slightly healthier option to the much-loved deep fried version, rotisserie chicken is enjoying a moment in the spotlight.

The healthy headliner

It's not hard to understand why Chicken Shop has been a hit since it opened. While there's always a time – and a special place in our hearts – for getting down with a bag of fried chicken, recently people are flocking towards healthier alternatives.  Especially when the alternative is succulent, slow-cooked chicken, served quartered, halved or whole.

Setting up shop

Chicken Shop was founded by the same team that launched Soho House. A pet project of their CEO Nick Jones, the first Chicken Shop opened in Kentish Town. Since then the restaurant has opened in ten different locations across London, as well as popping up in Barcelona and Chicago.

The idea behind Chicken Shop is a simple one. Take one thing, make it the focus and do it well. Jones is an avid chicken fan – so much so that he's said chicken would be his last meal. And it's this passion that makes this joint so special.  

The supporting sides

While it's their rotisserie chicken that's the star of the show, Chicken Shop is more than a one trick pony. They offer up a carefully selected range of sides to complement the main event. Corn on the cob, served with dripping hot butter, and perfectly crispy sweet potato fries make for great takeaway companions. Winner winner, onto the chicken dinner.

If that's not healthy enough for you, add a portion of butter lettuce and avocado salad to feel a bit more virtuous. But we're not even going to mention the deliciously rich chocolate brownie as dessert option. Or the warm baked apple pie with the flaky crust. Who'd have room for them after all that chicken?

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