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Busaba Eathai: A Thai Food Favourite


Known for its fragrant flavours, fresh ingredients and comforting nature, Thai food is a hit everywhere from here to the Thai motherland itself. When it's served with Busaba signature brand of effortless style, you feel like you're reliving your first taste every time you take a bite.

Fresh foodie goodness full of flavour

Serving up all the usual suspects like comforting chicken satay with a chunky peanut sauce for dipping, or the equally punchy chicken pad thai, Busaba Eathai keeps it classic. Each dish is packed full of love, because quality cooking is always at the core.

From small plates that are perfect for a snack to noodle dishes you can't help but crave, their diverse menu is the perfect balance between hearty and light. Focusing on simple tastes with even simpler ingredients, Busaba is an eatery with a slightly different outlook. They're all about sookjai here, a traditional Buddhist value that preaches the avoidance of everyday chaos. The bold and brash are nowhere to be seen. Instead, you're met with an energy that is calm and fresh.

Simple, and good for the soul

Since 1999, founder Alan Yau has been taking traditional flavours and giving them a modern finish. Serving simple salads, fresh stir-fries and classic curries, you get the perfect twist of new into the old. Yau is also the guy behind Wagamama, so you know he knows his stuff.

At Busaba, you're served casual Thai style. Combining the idea of 'you are what you eat' with ideal ingredients and even better recipes, your health, wellbeing and taste buds will be singing from the same hymn sheet.  

Take their twist on a classic Thai green curry. Served gluten free, you're met with a steaming bowl of succulent grilled chicken dotted with peas, tender aubergine and crunchy corn for a clean yet hearty meal for one.

Creative, nutritious and completely nourishing

And it's that tailored focus on the good, the wholesome and the healing that makes Busaba such a hit. They've got salads and healthy grilled specials that hold their own too. Find a marinated salmon fillet with a lightly dressed spinach and grilled baby gem salad, and a classic green papaya salad bursting with its signature zing headlining their menu section.

Then there's the Asian inspired juices and smoothies. For the times when you want a lighter lunch, they're the perfect substitute. Zesty orange and carrot are blended with creamy coconut and a little lime for a detox-worthy drink. Smoothie wise, their Pineapple and Coconut is a silky tropical treat.

To get some speedy satay or pad thai in an instant, check out Busaba Eathai's menu here on Deliveroo.

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