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Burger & Lobster

Burger & Lobster

Sometimes, the simple things in life are the best. Championing the rich tastes of succulent beef and fresh, creamy lobster, Burger & Lobster does exactly what it says on the tin. And boy do they do it well.

Starting off in an Irish pub here in the UK, this new kid on the block has been going since 2011, but in its short life has already started a global fan club with restaurants now as far flung as New York and Dubai. So just how have they managed it? Simplicity.

Less is more

Never has a truer word been spoken when it comes to Burger & Lobster. Focusing their attention on just two core ingredients means every morsel here is full of flavour, character and passion. Their burger selection is small and select, while their seafood offerings sees a fresh, 1.25lb steamed lobster served with their signature lemon and garlic butter sauce and a side of skinny fries.

Of course you could take their name as an instruction and go for the Burger and Lobster combination. In fact, we'd strongly suggest you do.

Where it all started

So how did it all kick off? Take four schoolmates, a London rooftop and some creative thinking and you could end up with a successful restaurant business. Or at least, that's what it did for George Burkhov-Weinstein and co. Thinking it would be great to set up a restaurant that focused on just one or two main ingredients, these entrepreneurs set about doing just that. With business booming for similar, simple eateries at the time, Burger & Lobster became an overnight success.

They have since expanded globally, and the somewhat surprising demand for beef and seafood has brought their idea to the likes of Jeddah, Stockholm and soon to be Malaysia. It seems people all over the world can't get enough of this fun take on surf and turf, and we can't either.

Burger, or Lobster?

Though simple and carefully thought out, you'll feel spoilt for choice with this menu as everything is mouthwateringly good.

If you're feeling fishy, the original lobster roll is a must try. While the lobster is delicious enough on its own, this comes with fragrant Japanese mayo and lemon all nestled in a buttery bun. Just. Too. Delicious.

Maybe you're more of a burger fiend? No problem. You can't beat the Original Burger, where a 6oz patty is topped with lettuce, tomato, pickles and the oh-so-top-secret B & L sauce. You really can't beat a classic. Add on some fries on the side, or opt for a Lobster Cracker if you want to keep the restaurant's vibe going.

Has Burger & Lobster got you craving the finer things in life? Explore their menu here on Deliveroo.

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