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Five fridge essentials with Sandia from Bubbledogs

Five fridge essentials: Sandia from Bubbledogs

Sandia is next to take on our essential food quiz, where we talk corn, corn dogs and dream dinner party guests.

Name five things you always keep in the fridge...

Sriracha. Oh jeez... noodles! Oyster sauce – I'm very Chinese. White wine vinegar. What else do I have, always? Fresh peppercorns, to grind.

Do you remember your first hot dog?

Yes, I do actually. It was an Ikea hot dog. I grew up in Saudi Arabia, I lived there until I was 15. We used to go to Ikea for hot dogs because it was the only place where you could get them. I remember they had those little packages of green relish – and it was the only place in Saudi Arabia where you could find a hot dog with green relish.

For the uninitiated, what's a corn dog?

It's basically a sausage dipped in cornmeal batter and then deep fried, and the whole thing is on a stick. It's a typical fairground snack we have in America, so you end up walking around with a battered fried hot dog on a stick. It's so delicious, I told my husband that he's putting it on the menu and he was like "That's disgusting." I said, "Yeah, it can be, but it's a staple. You can't open a hot dog restaurant without a corndog."

Any advice for Champagne newbies?

Don't drink Champagne out of a very tall thin flute. It doesn't do anything to it, it just makes it look nicer. People tend to forget that Champagne is just wine with bubbles in it, so if you want to appreciate it you have to appreciate it like a wine. For me it's always in a white wine glass, that's the best way to drink Champagne.

What do you cook when nobody's watching?

Noodles. I always overcook my noodles because I like them really soft. Then I toss it with oyster sauce, sriracha and Birdseye peas on top. Loads of cracked black pepper, too.

Favourite sound/smell in the kitchen?

Onions, caramelized onions. And the sound of anything sizzling.

Favourite curse word in the kitchen?

I'm pretty relaxed, I don't think I curse much in the kitchen.

Favourite single ingredient?

Corn. Corn is amazing. Popcorn, corn puree, corn fritters, corn soup. Y Corn in pasta, corn in soups and stews – corn in everything.

Do you have a personal hangover cure?

My noodles.

Who is your dream dinner party guest?

Can I have more than one? Thomas Keller, for sure. The Pet Shop Boys. David Attenborough (we play this game a lot at home). My dad.

You're on death row, what would you request for your final meal?

Can I say my noodles again? Corn soup? Um… probably grilled corn as well. Corn ice cream? Pretty much just corn.

If Sandia's answers have you hoping for a hot dog to drop in your lap, head over to Deliveroo and see if Bubbledogs is available in your area.

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