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Broadband you can bank on

Broadband you can bank on

In a fast-moving world, your business and customers demand an internet connection that can keep up. That's why we've teamed up with BT and Plusnet to bring our restaurant partners some exclusive discounts on Broadband and Fibre connections – with savings of over 30% compared to market rates.

As an Operator, systems are critical to ensure smooth operations both front and back of house. So what are the most common systems you'll be running?

  • Point of Sale (POS) systems: integral for taking orders, reconciling, inventory management and reporting
  • Payment systems: integral for processing orders and accounting purposes
  • Guest wifi: supplying your guests with wifi to browse the internet
  • Reservation systems: allowing you to manage all of your inbound requests, turn tables and get great reviews
  • Kitchen software: display systems, allergen and menu creation tools

And who knows what you'll be running in the future… pay at table devices, personalised menu offerings and digital loyalty schemes.

Why not build for the future and explore your options available exclusively for you with our partnership with BT and Plusnet.

Click here to see what you can save...

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