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  2. Tuk Tuck: authentic Asian street food brought to Bristol
Tuk Tuck: Asian street food comes to Bristol

Tuk Tuck: authentic Asian street food brought to Bristol

Let's face it, eateries that do Asian street food justice are hard to come by. Fortunately for the folks of Bristol there's Tuk Tuck. Tuk Tuck boasts an extensive selection of Korean, Japanese and Thai street food. Not only are their dishes made to an authentic standard, they're super fresh, affordable and many are vegan friendly. Who could say no to that?

The guys at Deliveroo took a trip to Tuk Tuck to try some of their best dishes.

Tuk Tuck takes off

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Tuk Tuck was launched in the spring of last year. For founders Alex Slatter and Quan Cui, this launch was the silver lining to a dark cloud. After spending over five years working for pan-Asian restaurant Tampopo, the pair discovered that they were to be made redundant upon the branch's closure. Redundancy acted as a catalyst, and the pair decided to seize the opportunity of running their own independent Asian restaurant. Their mission: to bring traditional Asian street food to the people of Bristol.

On visiting Tuk Tuck, you can tell that Alex and Quan are pleased with their decision. Orders are taken and prepared with a smile, and no query is too much to ask.

Where to start

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There are plenty of ways to start your meal at Tuk Tuck, whether it's with a light bowl of edamame beans or a plate of freshly rolled sushi. Bristol's favourite starter is the chicken dumplings. The dumplings are first boiled and then grilled, giving them a beautifully crispy texture. Drizzled with a little soy sauce, they're the perfect appetisers to get you wanting more.

One of the best things about Tuk Tuck is that their vegetarian and vegan options are just as tasty as their dishes for meat lovers. You can choose from vegetarian dumplings or a hearty tofu miso soup, and you're sure to be satisfied on flavour. Tofu never tasted so good.

The main event

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When it comes to mains, the bibimbaps are where it's at. An assortment of seven fresh vegetables are sliced and placed around a fried egg over a bed of rice. Upon stirring, the yolk punctures and coats the surrounding ingredients in a warm layer of goodness, bringing the dish together. There are beef, chicken and tofu options available, and, as per, the tofu will not disappoint.

The kimchi fries aren't quite as virtuous, but they are unforgettable. Think fries plus kimchi, a layer of tender slow-cooked beef, chipotle mayo and spring onions.

Mission accomplished

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If you like a bit of a kick in your food, Alex and Quan have a selection of sauces for you to choose from. At the subtle end of the spectrum, there's soy sauce with a hint of lime, and at the punchier end, there's sriracha and the team's favourite, Gochujang. Tuk Tuck's Gochujang is handmade to a traditional Korean recipe, and is sure to give your meal an edge.

After a few bites of a Tuk Tuck dish, you'll be sure that Alex and Quan have succeeded in their mission to bring authentic Asian food to the streets of Bristol. Even easier, we can bring it straight to your door. As they say, tuck in!

Authentic Asian street food straight to your door? Check out Tuk Tuck on Deliveroo.

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