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  2. Rebel Roll: we sample some of Bristol’s best burgers
Rebel Roll: Some Of Bristol’s Best Burgers

Rebel Roll: we sample some of Bristol’s best burgers

Think of everything you know about building a good burger. Now forget it. Alex and Leon, the duo behind Rebel Roll, are redefining fast food. Your lunch will still be prepared in a matter of minutes, but unlike the burgers and wraps that we might be accustomed to, it will be filled to the brim with fresh ingredients, innovative combinations, and will be prepared in front of your very eyes.

Here's what happened when the guys at Deliveroo sampled some of Rebel Roll's delicious burgers.

On a roll

Rebel Roll is tucked away on a corner of Redcliff Street. It's a cosy venue with no more than half a dozen seats. Three quarters of the space is dominated by kitchen, affirming that Rebel Roll is purely about great food.

Alex and Leon launched Rebel Roll in the summer of last year after their previous joint, Magic Roll, changed hands. If you remember Magic Roll, you'll remember that the sheer quantity of delicious filling that could be encased in a single khobez wrap was, well, magic. Rebel Roll follows suit, but with an even bigger selection of burgers and wraps.  

The folks at Rebel Roll do everything with passion. They have a love for honest food, a love for new ideas and a love for the independent businesses of Bristol. Pick any of their wraps or burgers and it's sure to fill both your heart and your stomach.

From the Knuckle Sandwich to Scooby Snaps, the Krabbi Patty to the Cowasaki, it's clear these guys have a taste for creativity. There are lighter options too, including salad boxes, a savoury brioche selection and a miniature burger.

Bristol's best buns

The most popular item on the Rebel Roll menu is the ingeniously named St Werburger. The recipe resulted from a competition between Alex and Leon to see who could launch the most exciting new burger.

For Alex, this competition meant letting the world know that burgers taste best with cooked onions. Inside the St Werburger, amongst two beef patties, a few slices of Monterey Jack, smoked bacon, caper aioli and a drizzle of tomato relish, you'll find a beautifully sweet layer of confit shallots. After one bite, you'll be convinced by Alex's argument.

Leon's entry, the Rebel MC, was made with the purpose of reinventing the classic fast food burger. Leon replaced the components of said burger with real, fresh ingredients. In the Rebel MC, you'll find a double beef patty under melted cheese, crunchy red onions, fresh tomato and lettuce with a serving of special sauce, all served inside a soft sesame bun.  

Rebels with a cause

The St Werburger may have proven the most popular amongst the people of Bristol, but both of these burgers are great examples of Rebel Roll's cause: honest ingredients, innovative recipes, great taste and a whole lot of substance.

If you have space left after you've finished your burger (which is highly unlikely – we weren't joking when we said substance is important), Rebel Roll also offers extract coffee and a selection of brownies. We're talking melt-in-the-mouth chocolatey goodness, complete with a generous dollop of caramel. Go on – order one for dessert.

Starving for a St Werburger or craving a Rebel MC? Order from Rebel Roll on Deliveroo.

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