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Pinkmans: We Profile One Of Bristol’s Best Bakeries

Pinkmans: we sample one of the biggest bakery menus in Bristol

By definition, Pinkmans is a bakery. However, there is no word adequate enough to summarise the array of dishes on offer. You could stay and graze all day if you so desired. From a morning coffee to a brownie for elevenses, lunchtime sandwiches and salads to a dinnertime tagine, if you can dream it, it's probably on the menu. Let's not forget those evening martinis either.  

Don't be fooled though. Pinkmans may offer far more than your standard bakery, but that doesn't mean they cut corners when it comes to baking. You'll find them at the top of Park Street, Bristol. Walk through the sleek, modern interior and you'll arrive at an open kitchen and a large wood-fired oven. Baking is, quite literally, central to Pinkmans.

The brains behind the bakery

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Steven Whibley and Troels Bendix are the duo behind the business. Though it's their first endeavour as a team, both of them bring an impressive skillset to the table. From running the renowned Le Pain Quotidien and Gail's Bakery, to working at a selection of acclaimed artisan restaurants across London, Whibley and Bendix know what they're doing.

Whibley is a firm believer in baking from scratch. He can tell you where all of his ingredients are sourced, his reasoning for using said sources and he can vouch that there are zero artificial preservatives, colours or genetic modifications in the Pinkmans menu. If that's not enough, every single item on the Pinkmans menu is made fresh on the day.

Sourdough – the star of the show

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Although you're spoiled for choice when it comes to ordering, you can have faith in the notion that you can't make a bad decision.

There are eight sourdough breads on offer. Each is lovingly made from flour, salt and water, plus a generous helping of fermentation time. Variations include walnut and treacle, and five seed mix.

The texture is exactly what you would want from a sourdough – a good crunch on the outside, a soft and slightly chewy centre with an unmistakable freshness. You can purchase these breads whole, or you can choose from a selection of sandwiches if you fancy a light meal.

If your appetite is a bit bigger, there are twelve pizzas to choose from, all on a light and crispy sourdough base. Popular choices include puttanesca, wood fired mushroom and parma ham, though something as simple as the margherita is a cut above the rest when it's made by Pinkmans.

Indulgent desserts

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No commentary on Pinkmans would be complete without a mention of their patisserie. Be prepared for some serious indulgence here. Their chocolate and cherry cake is big, full to the brim with rich, chocolatey goodness and it's downright brilliant. With a luxurious middle layer of cherry confit and a thick slab of chocolate at either end, it's one not to miss.

It will probably come as no surprise to you that Pinkmans is incredibly popular. At lunchtime, having to wait for a table is not unusual. The menu is totally worth the wait though, but, if you're pushed for time, let us help you out by bringing your meal to you.  

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