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Five fridge essentials with Nick and Laurent from Yoobi

Five fridge essentials with Nicolas and Laurent from Yoobi...

We sit down with Nicolas and Laurent, co-owners at Yoobi, to talk all things sushi, growing up in Japan, and death row meals.

Name 5 things you always keep in the fridge…

Nicolas: I always have white miso, high quality olive oil, gochujang chilli paste. Apple cider vinegar, and fish. Those are my basics, so whatever fresh ingredients I have I know I'll be able to whip something together that has bursts of flavour.

Laurent - Tomatoes, broccoli, usually some chicken breasts. Avocado. And yoghurt for the mornings.

What's your earliest food memory?

Laurent - We used to live in Asia, in Japan and Taiwan – and we travelled around Taipei with my family. We didn't eat any of the local food, especially at breakfast because they always served raw fish, or chicken feet – things that a 5 year old wouldn't be thrilled to eat. So my mother always travelled with a packet of Alpen muesli cereal mix, for breakfast lunch and dinner. We used to get to excited for that Alpen.

Nicolas - One of the things I particularly remember is that in Japan there was a lot of street food. I remember coming out of the subway stations, they have these little octopus balls – Takoyaki. Although I didn't want to eat them, I remember always being impressed at the guys making them.

Favourite sound or smell in the kitchen?

Laurent - My favourite smell is basil, and I love the sound of the flame when you're searing salmon.

Nicolas - The smell of fresh herbs when we chop them in the kitchen. When someone's there for an hour chopping mint, the smell is a lot more intense than you would experience at home or anywhere else.

Favourite single ingredient?

Nicolas - I really like fresh prawns, it's one of my favourite sushi ingredients. They're actually fantastic raw, or you can cook them, flatten them out and put them on nigiri, you can stir-fry them – such a very versatile ingredient.

Laurent - I would go for yuzu sauce. It tastes really good with salmon and I love the citrus flavours.

Do you have a go-to hangover cure?

Laurent - I'll go for the full English, soak it up.

Nicolas - Me too!

You're on death row, what do you request for your final meal?

Laurent - Has to be a temaki from Yoobi. I'd go for the sushi poke temaki.

Nicolas - We're Swiss, so if I was on death row I would want something comforting that reminded me of home. When I was living abroad, what reminded me of home the most was Swiss cheese. So I feel like I'd go for a Swiss fondue.

If all of this food talk has left you in need of some sushi, try Yoobi's bold Brazilian flavours for yourself – head on over to Deliveroo and see if they're available in your area.

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