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The Best Restaurants in Glasgow

The best restaurants in Glasgow on Deliveroo

Legend has it that the chicken tikka masala that Brits know and love was invented in Glasgow. This might be up for debate, but one thing certainly isn't; that Glasgow's full of amazing restaurants you need to try. So to help you explore all the tastiest eating spots in the city, here's our guide to the best restaurants on Deliveroo.


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When you're ordering burgers for your mates and you can't decide whether to go classic or to style it out with some creative topping combinations, BRGR should be your go-to. This burger joint's got a huge following in Glasgow, winning over both traditionalists – who'd like to keep it pure and simple with something like a Big Cheese – and more maverick burger fans who like to mix it up. For the ultimate in diner food meets Scottish cuisine, try the Highland Coo – an inspired combination of haggis, caramelised onion, lettuce and pepper sauce.

Kimchi Cult!

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Kimchi – it's sweet, sour, savoury, spicy and so hot right now! Korea's national dish is the star of the show at Kimchi Cult!, topping everything from bibimbap to burgers. Expect the crispiest Korean fried chicken, soft, sticky bao buns packed with the contrasting crunch of pickled veg and kimchi (obviously), and the gooiest of loaded fries, piled with mounds of melted cheese and, yep, more kimchi. You have to try the Bulgogi Fries with pulled brisket, or for a kimichi fix without the meat, go for the Kimchi Cheese Fries.

Old Salty's

Whatever the weather, you can't beat a chippy tea – or a fish supper, depending on where you call home. There's nothing more satisfying than cracking through that crisp batter to get to snowy-white fish underneath. So for proper traditional comfort food, you have to get Old Salty's. A Cod Supper with Salt & Vinegar is bound to put a smile on your face, and there's even gluten free fish and chips so no one misses out. But if fish and chips isn't your bag, you can find all your other chippy favourites here, like Macaroni Pie or a Sausage Supper.


Ashoka is an institution in Glasgow, serving up classic curries in the city since 1973. You've got mild and mellow Butter Chicken at one end of the spice spectrum, all the way up to a seriously spicy South Indian Garlic Chilli – it's the hottest dish on the menu if you're feeling up to it. So when you're catering for a house full, loads of these dishes to dig into will keep everyone happy, from the easy-going Goan Fish Curry connoisseurs to the spice-fiends in your family.

Prep Fitness Kitchen

If you're dairy-free, don't get stuck with another salad. Prep Fitness Kitchen does an amazing Dairy Free Mac & Cheese so you'll never get lumbered with a plate of leaves again. There's delicious choices with vegan-friendly ingredients, like the Strawberry Cheesecake protein shake and the Vegan Vanilla and Coconut Protein Balls. Meat and fish eaters on a health-kick won't feel left out either though, with tonnes of protein-packed dishes to fuel your workout.

Cailin's Sushi

When you just can't face taking in that same old sandwich to work, Cailin's Sushi is the lunch you need. Why not get light and bright Dragon Rolls filled with tempura prawns and mix it up with some silky Salmon Sashimi? With a lunch break like this you'll want to retire that old tupperware to the kitchen cupboard.

Ichiban Noodle Bar

If you've had a really long day, the last thing you want to worry about when you get home is having to rush to the shops so you can rustle something up. So why not get a cosy Chicken Katsu Curry from Ichiban Noodle Bar instead for your weeknight dinner? Those crunchy panko breadcrumbs covered in mild but warming curry sauce, it's just what you need after a rough day.

For more of Glasgow's greatest hits, check out all the amazing restaurants on Deliveroo.

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