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The Best of Leeds on Deliveroo

Best of Leeds on Deliveroo

Leeds is a city that's full of flavour. It's the largest city in Yorkshire, birthplace of Mel B and it's home to an endless list of amazing restaurants that are bound to spice up your meal time.

Check out our list of the most awesome eats that Leeds has to offer on Deliveroo.

Almost Famous

Demolish a burger at Almost Famous and feel like a big shot. These humongous creations are piled high with everything you could possibly think of. You want Frazzles with your burger? You've got it! You want to add a Philly Cheesesteak to a juicy beef patty? Done. Just don't bank on saving room for dessert.

Sushi Waka

Sushi Waka serves up pretty plates of food, crafted with all the precision you'd expect from a sushi chef who's headed up some of London's best sushi kitchens, including SUSHISAMBA. These dishes are so colourful, it's definitely a #nofilter job when you're showing them off on Instagram.

My Thai

Take back your lunch hour with fast and fresh dishes from My Thai. Cooked up in a cosy, shack-style restaurant, My Thai's menu is full of your Thai favourites, from a Bangkok Pad Thai to a hot and sour Tom Yum.

Boss Burgers

For gourmet burgers with true provenance, eat like a boss at Boss Burgers. All the beef used in these towering patties was selected from cuts of Dexter, Longhorn or Galloways cattle, with each grass fed in the fair fields of Yorkshire.

The Secret Pizza Company

Ok, the cat's out the bag – The Secret Pizza Company is the brainchild of local favourite Boss Burgers. This pizza joint launched exclusively through Deliveroo, so you might have a hard time tracking them down, but we'll know where to find you when your pizza craving kicks in. Think classic pizzas with a few inspired flavour combinations, like the Prosciutto & Blue – prosciutto, creamy Harrogate blue cheese, pear shavings and hazelnut oil. Good luck keeping this one to yourself.

The Cat's Pyjamas

There are few better combos than curry and a craft beer. But, when it's a beer paired with Indian street food devised by Alfred Prasad – the youngest Indian chef to be awarded a Michelin star – then your meal game just stepped up a notch. The Cat's Pyjamas takes its inspiration from Goa's seafood shacks and Kerala's toddy shops, to serve up bright and fragrant dishes for the foodies of Leeds.

The Pit

For a lazy night in, channel laid back diner vibes with small plates from The Pit. We're talking American, Mexican and burger joint sharers loaded with gooey Monterey Jack, pulled brisket and crispy bacon.


Aagrah first brought a taste of Kashmiri cuisine to Shipley in 1977. Now it's a Yorkshire institution, with sites spanning from Leeds City Centre to Sheffield, and an impressive menu so huge you can probably stretch it across the entire county.

Mans Market

Fastest chopstick fingers first for dynamic dining from Mans Market. Inspired by the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong's shipping yards, Mans Market does a twist on Chinese cuisine with a mix of classic dishes and a few unconventional combinations, like Chocolate Ribs.

Red Duk Oriental

Red Duk Oriental serves up speedy street food, Asian style. Build your own box, with a base of noodles or rice, pick your protein and top it all off with a delicious sticky sauce – perfect for perking up lunch at your desk or a night stuck in the office.

For the best foodie hotspots in the city, check out what else Leeds is cooking up on Deliveroo.

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