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The Best Restaurants in Balham

Best restaurants in Balham: 5 to try now

When it comes to good food, Balham's the business. Some of South London's finest have set up shop here, so whether you go loopy for Lebanese or batty for a big, beautiful burger, you'll be sure to find what you're looking for. And the best part? They can all be delivered right to your kitchen table with Deliveroo. We've got the pick of five of Balham's best:  

Dirty Burger Chicken Shop

Naughty nosh doesn't get much better than the food on offer down at the Dirty Burger Chicken Shop. You've got two options: burgers or chicken – but that's really all you need. For a seriously indecent eat, go for the Dirty bacon burger. The cheddar cheese is aged to perfection and melts over the crispy bacon strips, while the thick beef patty is positively bursting with flavour. Trust us, you're not taking this risqué little number home to meet the parents.


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Arlo's really only serves steak. Seriously good steak. The beef comes exclusively from native British breeds, and there are also kids' options for those looking to indoctrinate the little ones. Arlo's signature steak is the bavette. Tender and traditional, it's one of Balham's finest. There's also summery salads and crispy chips to have on the side, and showstoppers don't get much better than the sinfully dark chocolate tart, served on a base of crushed Oreos.

Spice Village

Sadiq Khan, Ainsley Harriot, MF Hussain, Imran Khan – what do these people all have in common? Well for one, they're all big fans of Spice Village, a halal hotspot bringing some pretty strong heat to South London. Murgh jalfrezi, chicken korma and ghosht salaan are the top picks, while the maharani tarka daal is perfect for those after a veggie option. Room for more? See things off in style with the homemade brownie bonanza. Not gonna lie, we're big fans of anything with the word 'bonanza' in it.


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Bringing the flavours of the Middle East to Balham, Beyrouths' is one of the area's best-loved Lebanese eateries. Get started with hot or cold meze – the arayes, a type of grilled pastry filled with seasoned minced lamb, go down a treat, while the falafel is a punter's favourite. And no matter what people say, hummus is never, never a bad choice. The lahem meshwi – tender cubes of spring lamb and rice – is juicy and generously portioned, but if meat isn't your thing, there are plenty of seafood options to choose from. A slice of Beirut in Balham, Beyrouths' serves expertly crafted, matchlessly moreish food!


Not a dessert person? Walk away. Walk away right now. Because the seductively sweet afters on offer at Afters take dessert to a whole new level. Life's short, eat ice cream. More specifically, eat Afters' ice cream. There are 29 different flavours to choose from, as well as sundaes and cold stone (a unique creation with handpicked mix-ins folded into the ice cream, all sitting on a frozen base). You can also sate your sweet tooth with a range of cakes, XL waffles and crepes, as if you hadn't already got enough on your plate!

Balham-based and fiending for a feast? Get on over to Deliveroo today.

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