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Banana Tree

Indochina may now be called Southeast Asia, but Banana Tree has taken their inspiration for a winning mix of Thai, Vietnamese, Malaysian and Singaporean offerings from this dynamic region of the world.

A culinary tour of Indochina

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Forget about booking flights, take a southeast trip right from your sofa. Their extensive menu will work for whatever plans you want to throw at it — box set night, a chill dinner for two, a fab feast for friends and family, or a satisfying lunch when you're on a deadline and just can't leave your computer.

Go for starters like Sticky Thai Wings, Crispy Seafood Money Bags, a Spicy Green Papaya Salad — or our favourite, 5 (okay 10) Kajang Satay Sticks. Barbecued chicken is served with palm leaf sticky rice, rich peanut sauce and chunks of cucumber and mixed pickles.

One man's vision

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It's no surprise that the food here is of such a high standard when you learn they've been in business for over two decades. Banana Tree is the result of one man's vision to bring together the top dishes of Indochina and present them at their best to the UK.

William Chow, the founder and head chef, sees things a little differently to most. His view is that, in foodie terms, the distinct nations of the region of Indochina have blurred boundaries. They all share so many herbs, spices and cooking styles that it doesn't make sense to divide up the cuisine into neat little blocks. Banana Tree is all about taking the finest dishes of them all and fusing them together with style.

One stop comfort shop

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Whether you're longing for a spicy laksa or pining for an aromatic pho, you've come to the right place. Their wonderful border-bending menu will do the trick for whatever Southeast Asian bowl of comfort you're craving, all under their soupy noodles section.

But if you want something with a bit more bite to it, choose anything from stir fries to lettuce wraps to chargrilled meat to wok cooked dishes, pad thai, rendang, bun bo, sides, sauces, drinks… it's a repetitive-strain-inducing menu to scroll through and everything is helpfully labelled to guide vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians and gluten-free types. We're already imagining the heaving table of choices you'll need to make.

If you're after something to really excite those taste buds, check out the Indochinese menu at Banana Tree. Order with Deliveroo now.

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