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Atomic Pizza

Atomic Pizza

Pizza, burgers and all-out American comfort food – can you get any better than that? At Atomic Pizza you actually can, where everything comes served up with a side of fun. Whether you're a fan of thin crust, wood-fired pizza with exciting toppings or freshly made big burgers, you're bound to find the answer to your cravings here.

Everyone's happy

Atomic Pizza offer a range of crowd-pleasing menu items, and while the vibe is retro, the food is modern and innovative. Start your feast with some Atomic Wings, where you'll find sticky chicken wings with your choice of tangy blue cheese sauce, BBQ or buffalo sauce.

There's also some great options for vegetarians to kick-start their meal in style. The whimsically named Cajun Shroomies – where crunchy breaded mushrooms are tossed in Cajun spice with garlic mayonnaise – are fiery and flavoursome, but the chargrilled corn sprinkled with salt is the one for us.

Foodie fun

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They do things simply here. According to them, 'great burgers ain't rocket science. If we don't bring you a juicy lip smacking belly filling burger that satisfies your soul we aren't doing our job properly'. Their real aim is making people smile, evoking a sense of childhood nostalgia, of never-ending summers, simplicity and 'burgers as big as your head'. And that's why everything here oozes fun, from the quirky décor to the unusual dish names – with our favourite being the Ziggy Stardust pizza – it brings a breath of fresh, fun air to all your foodie go-tos.  

Pizza or burger?

They're not called Atomic Pizza for nothing. Take the He Man, for example. What looks like a traditional calzone pizza comes stuffed with sweet and smoky BBQ pulled pork and thin slices of red onion, with a healthy drizzle of a red BBQ sauce on top.

The vegetarian pizzas at Atomic Pizza are not to be overlooked. The Popeye pizza is as strong a candidate as it sounds. Fresh peppery spinach leaves, mild and smooth goat's cheese, intensely sweet sundried tomatoes, stringy mozzarella and black olives give this beautiful creation a Mediterranean twist.

Of course, sometimes you're more in a burger-mood – and luckily that can be seen to. A special section of the menu is dedicated to big double-stacked burgers, and we don't think you can beat the Nerf Herder. Two juicy beef patties are piled high with tender pulled pork, chunks of spicy jalapeños and a rich bourbon BBQ sauce for a towering feast you're not going to forget anytime soon.

For all of your favourite things with a bit of a twist, check out Atomic Pizza's menu here on Deliveroo.

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