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Rich, dense and bursting with flavour, gelato is up there as Italian dessert royalty. And Amorino get that too – the ice-y goodies they dish up are a testament to the craft and care that goes into each spoonful of traditional gelato.

And while the methods may pay homage to convention, that doesn't stop them injecting some exciting contemporary flavours into the gelato they serve up everywhere from Africa to North America, Europe to the South Pacific.

Decisions, decisions…

One of the most popular orders is the simple regular cup, which is up to three flavours of gelato of your choice. Of course, this is where it gets tricky….

The Amarena Cherry flavour – where the fruitiness is complemented by a slightly tangy flavour is the favourite of co-owner Paolo Benassi – so you won't go far wrong with that one. But we love the Caramello al Burro Salato – they go all out with this one, with everything from specially salted butter from Isigny to the salt flakes that are actually picked from the Guerande salt marshes.

If you're after something new you can't beat the Speculoos flavour. Based on the famous Belgian biscuits, this spicy-sweet wonder features cinnamon, nutmeg and caramelised cane sugar and has a very satisfying crunch to it.

A dream of ice cream

Amorino is the result of the dream of two childhood friends. Cristiano Sereni found himself captivated by the world of gelato after peeking into his favourite ice-cream shop's kitchen when he was 10 years old. And now 30 years later, along with his pal Paolo Benassi, the result of that passion is an international gelato chain.

Founded in 2002, Amorino continues to make gelato in the traditional Italian style. Churned daily, they use only free-range, organic eggs and strictly no colouring agents or artificial flavours. Nowadays they're dishing up their goodies all over the world, so they must be onto something.

An Italian twist on a French classic

As well as a delightful range of classic gelato flavours that includes Dulce de Leche and passionfruit, Amorino have a few novelties to keep discerning taste buds guessing – and we're not just talking about weird and and wonderful gelato combinations.

A few years ago the team came up with an Italian twist on the classic French macaron – Macaron al Gelato. This is essentially a very sophisticated ice cream sandwich consisting of gelato carefully sandwiched between two delicate meringue shells. They're sweet in both flavour and appearance, and a real sign of the experience, innovation and passion that are at the forefront of what they do here.

So go on, treat yourself to some luxurious Italian gelato from Amorino, check out their menu on Deliveroo today.

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