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  2. American icons: Deliveroo dishes, diners and restaurants inspired by the USA
American Icons: Dishes, Diners and Restaurants on Deliveroo

American icons: Deliveroo dishes, diners and restaurants inspired by the USA

Ever wanted to eat your way around America? If you're not quite ready to pack up an RV and hit the highways, this mini-American road trip pays homage to some of our favourite comfort foods and restaurants inspired by, or established in, the US of A. From big juicy burgers, through chicken joints to low and slow barbecue, check out these American classics on Deliveroo.

Byron – nationwide

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Byron was made in London but their story started in the US when Tom, the founder, discovered the classic hamburgers of Rhode Island. One Providence diner in particular, Silver Top, sparked his love of deliciously simple burgers, and he brought that approach back to the UK. Ever since, Byron has served up proper hamburgers – the kind you need when you're craving something uncomplicated and comforting that you can stack with all manner of tasty toppings.

Five Guys – nationwide

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Born in the USA, Five Guys started out as a family-run business from Arlington, Virginia before the Murrells' Stateside burgers went global. For cheeseburger fans, there's something so satisfying about unwrapping that scrunchy silver foil and watching the cheese stick to the wrapper and go all stringy. But cheese is by no means the only way to customise your patty – there's over 250,000 possible topping combinations. And if you ate a Five Guys burger every day, it'd take you 684 years to try all the different topping combinations. Who knew maths could be so mouthwatering?

MEATLiquor – London, Leeds and Brighton

From Burning Man in Nevada to offering free burgers for Burners in Peckham (a treat for anyone who ventured to Black Rock City that year), MEATLiquor's origins are the stuff of legend, much like their big hitter the Dead Hippie™. Their secret Dead Hippie™ sauce, that dribbles over tried-and-tested burger layers – French's Mustard-fried beef patties, onion, shredded lettuce, chunky pickles and molten cheese – earned its instant cult status, and helps to make every mouthful an unapologetically messy meat fest.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen – nationwide

Doesn't a straw-bendingly thick ice-cold shake and a burger make you wish you were an extra in Grease? Maybe just us. But Gourmet Burger Kitchen's milkshakes are made for sipping between bites of your burger. Although the founders of this burger joint hail from New Zealand, there's always a nod to the home of the hamburger on the menu. Take their Taxidriver (100% prime beef, American cheese, smoked chilli mayo and dill pickle) – and their Californian, which is a veggie burger so fresh you'll feel like you're cruising along Big Sur with the roof down.

Tommi's Burger Joint – London

Tommi's journey to his London-based burger joint was more of a round-the-world expedition – from selling one million burgers at Tomma Burger in Iceland to LA and New York, then back to Iceland with a Hard Rock Cafe, before launching Tommi's in London (via Argentina, China and a whole lot of jet-setting in between). It was the restaurants of LA and NYC that Tommi considers the start of everything in the restaurant world. So today, he continues to pay tribute to the USA with the burger joint's huge, no-frills burgers, bursting with fillings and served with perfectly salted fries.

Texas Joe's – London

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Ever since he could walk, Texas Joe knew how to 'cue. Since moving to the UK from Texas, Joe's created a Special Relationship all of his own, by slow-smoking meats the American way over cured English oak in their smoker Bevo. He's also brought the art of making jerky with him too, to give you a true taste of The Lone Star State, even when you're just after a mid-afternoon snack.

Chicken Shop – London

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Juicy marinated chicken cooked on a spit, served with slaw, corn on the cob and fries, and then followed up with a sweet, cosy apple pie – as meals go, that's about as American as, well, apple pie. Chicken Shop was born and raised in London, but it's since expanded across the pond to Chicago.

Dirty Burger – London

Chicken Shop's sister restaurant, Dirty Burger, is also living the American dream in Chicago after launching in London in 2012. This burger shack achieves patty perfection by using medium-ground, or minced, beef to give it bite. It's then griddled in mustard, which melts into the meat to keep it moist and add extra flavour. Probably the best bit about getting a Dirty Burger though – apart from the taste, obviously – is that it pretty much encourages you to get messy with your food, as their wax wrappers double up as a handy napkin when you're done.

The Diner – London

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Think old school America, think diner culture, drive-ins and rolling that Cadillac into the parking lot for a burger and a frosty shake. But when you want to channel Americana from your armchair, you've got to give The Diner a go. There are classic dishes for meat-lovers, but veggies and vegans can get a slice of diner life too from their Strand and Islington restaurants. We're talking moo-free vegan shakes in Coconut Chocolate Ripple, The Diner Vegan Burger, Southern Fried Seitan and a gooey bowl of Vegan Mac & Cheese.

Bodean's – London

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Kansas City is arguably the capital of low and slow barbecue in America – we said arguably, so don't feel left out Texas, Memphis or the Carolinas! Determined to bring that KC style of slow-smoked meats over to the UK, Andre Blais launched Bodean's in 2002 – and let's thank the gods of barbecue that he did. If you haven't had your first bite of Bodean's yet, expect meltingly-soft meat, top-secret spice rubs and smokehouse soulfood sold in mammoth portions.

TGI Friday's – nationwide

TGI Friday's has probably been one of your family favourites for years – remember pestering your parents to take you there for a birthday dinner and then getting Jack Daniel's® glaze on everything as you got older? It's stood the test of time, ever since it first opened in NYC during the swinging '60s. And from its beginnings as a cocktail bar on the corner of First Avenue, you'll now spot this restaurant pretty much everywhere you go in the UK. But you don't need to go far when we can deliver it to you.

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