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Aagrah’s Fabulous Fish Curries

Fabulous fish curries from Aagrah

Whenever east meets west, you're in for a treat. Serving up authentic Kashmiri cuisine, Aagrah is the family-run restaurant chain that's bringing the best Indian dishes to the North. Intensely flavoured curries and complementary sides take centre stage on their impressive menu, but their ultimate show-stopper has to be the selection of great fish curries – available in their branches across Bradford, Sheffield and Leeds.

Fresh fish with full-on flavour

Aagrah knows flavour. Not only do they bring culinary decadence to every dish, they bring out the best in their seafood specialties. Marinated meats stirred in spices and sauce might be the norm, but until you've tasted their fiery and fragrant monkfish or their top-notch king prawn curry, you're missing out. Because fresh fish combined with aromatic Indian spices is something special indeed.

Take the Murgh Jhinga Makhani. Fresh king prawns are mixed with tender chicken breast to make a tempting team. With added onions for zing, cooling cream, tangy tomatoes and ginger, garlic, cardamom and bay leaves to season, it's a match made in surf and turf heaven.

A family business with Kashmiri roots

Starting out life in Shipley in 1977, Aagrah brought authentic Kashmiri cuisine to their local area. And boy did this family business thrive. Taking proper South Asian recipes and adding a dose of elegant flair, Aagrah now boasts multiple restaurants across Yorkshire. With a main focus on menu innovation, traditional ingredients meet modern recipes for the perfect pairing.

And when it comes to fish, they flourish. As a key ingredient to some of their most loved and successful dishes, monkfish comes alive. Taking the limelight in the Goan Machli curry, find monkfish dressed with fresh mint, curry leaves, tomatoes and onions, garlic, ginger and coconut for a rich and indulgent Kashmiri-style dish.

Classic curry or cooked on the grill?

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But the best thing about Aagrah is their mega menu – believe us when we say you've got lots of options when ordering from Aagrah. Fancy a little something to start and a curry feast with friends? Or maybe you want a divine dish that's light, fresh and full of flavour? When it comes to classic curry, find your favourites like the bhuna, korma or biriyani finished off perfectly with fish.

And then there's always the grill. The Shahi Jhinga Tandoori features marinated king prawns cooked on charcoal and dressed with a cooling Hyderabadi sauce. Enjoy them served up with rice and salad for an entirely different take on Indian food.

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