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Tortilla’s tips for the best guacamole

Top tips for guacamole greatness

We know everyone's got their favourite technique for making a great guacamole, but it can't hurt to take some advice from the pros every now and again. We went out and asked bonafide expert Martyn Clover, Head of Food at Tortilla, to give us his take on how to make sure your guacamole lives up to its star billing.

It has to be fresh

First up, you've got to make sure you've got the very best, and the most suitable ingredients. "Hass avocados are available fresh all year round, and have a beautiful creamy texture that is perfect for making guac."

Chunky is key

Check. Next, don't be afraid of the delicate touch. Martyn's advice is to "gently hand smash to perfection. Keep it chunky, it's all about texture and taste."

It's the time of the season

So you've got the perfect avocado, and you've given it some TLC – but there is still something missing, something very important. "Don't be shy with the seasoning – go crazy with the lime and salt, that's what gives it the sharp, zingy taste you're looking for. That's how you lift the flavour of the avocados and take it to the next level."

Add a personal touch

This is where you get to flex your creative muscles. Martyn says, "It's all about the little extras. You can add in finely cut red onion, coriander, garlic or baby cherry tomatoes – each of these bring something different to the mix whilst adding extra texture and flavour."

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