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Healthy Dinners From The Best Restaurants

Healthy dinners from restaurants you love

From burgers to burritos, eating healthily doesn't have to mean missing out on your favourite foods. With Blue Monday around the corner, we've picked out some of the tastiest and good-for-you restaurant options ranging from American to Italian, to see you through the hibernation period.

The Deliveroo dishes listed here pack around 500-600 calories, are fairly low in fat, and include 15 or more grams of protein to keep you feeling full. Plus, we've got a few tricks to keep you on track with your healthy choices...

The healthy pasta

Superfood Kale Pesto Penne, Jamie's Italian


Pasta gets some bad press when it comes to healthy eating. And sure, a creamy bowl of carbonara should be an occasional treat rather than a daily dinner.

But this kale pesto penne dish from Jamie's Italian proves that not all pasta dishes are created equal. Swapping cream for greens, the pasta is tossed with a protein-rich kale and nut pesto and a generous helping of stir-fried tenderstem broccoli. Plus, it's the perfect pasta choice if you're avoiding gluten – the penne is gluten-free.

Healthy tip: Get in quick – this dish is exclusively on Deliveroo just in time for Blue Monday, for a limited time only.

Nutritional info: 602 calories, 19g protein, 26g fat.

Where: Jamie's Italian, various locations

The healthy burger

Veg-Out Burger Special, GBK


Carnivores, don't scroll down – GBK's January special is far from your average veggie burger. It's a Middle-Eastern inspired knock-out containing sweet potato, pea and feta croquettes, grilled aubergine and yoghurt.

Feta is lower in calories than many other cheeses, and you only need a small amount to enjoy its bold flavour. Plus, sweet potato is a diet-friendly carb – slow-releasing, it keeps you satisfied well after you've scoffed your burger.

But if you've just got to have your meaty burger fix, choose chicken for a lower fat option, like GBK's Classic Chicken burger.

Healthy tip: Did you know you can customise your GBK burger on Deliveroo? It's really easy to remove the mayo and cheese, to tailor your choices depending on whether it's a cheat day or not.

Nutritional info: The chicken burger has 445 calories, 39g protein, 24g fat.

Where: GBK, various locations

The healthy burrito

Medium Chicken Naked Burrito, Tortilla


It's time to get naked. Ditch the tortilla wrap in favour of a 'naked' burrito and you still get to enjoy all of the burrito best-bits – yes, that includes guacamole – with fewer calories.

Featuring Mexican rice, black beans, chicken, salsa and guacamole, Tortilla's medium naked chicken burrito packs one hell of a satisfying flavour punch. Even with a helping of Monterey Jack cheese, their burrito bowl has no more than 550 calories.  

Plus, the naked burrito is packed with protein, meaning you're less likely to experience a three o'clock slump and reach for the biscuit tin.

Healthy tip: Dare to go spicy with your salsa. Chilli helps get your metabolism moving faster.

Nutritional info: Medium naked chicken burrito: 442 calories, 29g protein, 12g fat.  Medium naked chicken burrito with cheese: 533 calories, 36g protein, 19g fat.

Where: Tortilla, various locations

The healthy kebab

Chicken Shish Kebab with Fattoush, Bababoom


'Kebab' used to be a dirty word. Now, thanks to the rise of gourmet kebab joints like Le Bab, Chifafa and newly opened Bababoom, the food once confined to guilty 3am scoffing has been transformed into a healthy lunch or dinner option.

Bababoom's Saffron and Orange Chicken Shish Kebab with Fattoush not only sounds delicious, it features no fewer than twelve different types of fruit and vegetables, including  Bababoom's signature pickled chillies, loaded with antioxidants and Vitamin C.

Healthy tip: For a lunch that'll keep you going throughout the day, try Baba's Balanced Lunchbox special: harissa roasted butternut squash with avocado, roasted red pepper, bulgur and yoghurt, topped with your choice of charred chicken or broad bean falafel.

Nutritional info: 478 calories, 34g protein.

Where: Bababoom, London

Want to eat better but no time to cook? Get healthy food delivered to your door. Browse 'healthy food' options on Deliveroo now.  

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